Alaxa smart bulbs smart plugs standard bulbs

  Ex plorer 17:05 24 Jun 2017

Hi I have the Amazon Echo and two smart plugs for voice control to the smart bulbs.

What I did was plug an extension x 4 sockets to the mains socket plugged in two smart bulb lamps to the extension and all works well with the echo.

I have a lamp that has a standard Edison bulb in and plugged that into the extension. I asked Alaxa to turn on the lights and it also lit the Edison bulb.

I thought it wouldn't work not been a smart bulb.

I unplugged the two smart bulbs and asked alaxa to turn on at this point the Edison lamp didn't light.

The Edison lamp is now unplugged.

Any ideas why it worked.

  lotvic 14:59 25 Jun 2017

Might be worth a try... ask Alexa

  Ex plorer 08:32 26 Jun 2017

Lotvic lol, I think alaxa is on commission I asked and she tried to sell me smart bulbs from Amazon.

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