Advice on Tablets that can be used on site.

  Charly Hall 14:25 06 Dec 2016

Hey I'm looking for a tablet that can be taken on site and used for work, what is the best tablet with external keyboard?

  wee eddie 14:34 06 Dec 2016

You can buy protective covers for almost all Tablets. How you look after it is up to you. Tablets, built with special Rough Cases are expensive and, so I have been told, can lead you into a sense of false security.

USB and Bluetooth Keyboards are readily available, you don't necessarily need to shell out for an "All in one"

  Forum Editor 14:50 06 Dec 2016

Take a look at this It will withstand a great deal of abuse, and there's a keyboard that plugs in which will also stand up to a lot of rough and tumble.

The tablet has been very favourably reviewed, but you'll pay for all this rugged protection - this one starts at £1400. There are others around the same price, and some that are quite a bit more.

  wee eddie 16:52 06 Dec 2016

Of course, if you are getting it to use "on site" whatever you buy will be a Business Cost and therefor Tax Deductible.

  Burn-it 13:09 08 Dec 2016

Where is "ON SITE"? That could be someone else's office or a sewage farm? The requirements will be different.

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