Advice Please - DV recorder/VCR Combi

  GroupFC 16:30 26 Jan 2006

I am on the look out for a combined DV Recorder and VCR. I have seen very many at various price points and have become very confused (not difficult!).

The only paricular requirement I can think of at the moment is that it must be capable of recording from a camcorder. I have seen some with i-link and some without. If one doesn't have i-link presumably you can still record from the camcorder to disc using the composite connectors (or am I totally up the wrong tree!)?

Any advice/comments will as always be very much appreciated.

  speterson 21:46 26 Jan 2006

My advice would be to go for a DVD Recorder which has an iLink/firewire connector. You might also consider a DVD recorder which can use DVD Ram disks. These let you record in VR mode on the fly and then edit. one or two models are now out that have all three formats DVD+ DVD - Ram, and a hard drive!even one goes as far as having a digital tuner for Freeview.JVC and Panasonic spring to mind .The i-link facility will let your recorder control playback from the camera when you press play on the DVD recorder.Auto start stop!
Another option if you have a resonable PC with DVD recorder drive is to use that! Even if you don't have a DVD recorder drive at the moment you can buy external ones like the LG model which I use-It has firewire and USB2 connectors.Cost £99 (comet) Get a firewire card for about £20 quid, some software such as Windows Movie Maker (free with XP) and an authoring package like Nero.

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