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Advice on new good speakers

  Scott will 10:45 27 Jul 2018

Hi guys, i'm looking to buy some new speakers, because the old ones are not working fine, & their making some annoying sound, so can someone recommend me new speakers?

  martd7 11:08 27 Jul 2018

What budget do you have?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:19 27 Jul 2018

It would also help if you could tell us what the speakers are for? E.g. for computer, television or hifi system.

  Forum Editor 17:20 27 Jul 2018

Moved from Speakers Corner to Digital Home & Smartphones Help.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:37 28 Jul 2018

'Ere we go again, another one who wants help but, can't be bothered to answer questions to facilitate help.

  Guest 1234512757 10:33 09 Aug 2018

its only depends upon your budget

  Maria Kaylene 03:52 10 Aug 2018

I think you should tell us your estimated budget and where would you use it. The best speakers comes with clearer sound, better build quality and also an incredible price value.

  oftmarshall678 22:48 11 Aug 2018

Yup, as said by many, it depends on your budget and your purpose for the speakers too. Would you need it for personal use or like one you'd use for a home theatre?

  Stef1994 21:29 06 Sep 2018

Don't really know what type of speaker you're looking for. But I use B&O Beoplay A6 as a normal livingroom speaker, awesome sound and design. But again, it depends on what you're looking for. Wouldn't use the A6 for bigger parties or films and such.

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