Advice on Freeview Set Top Boxes

  14all 23:00 30 Nov 2005

I have just spent 5 hours researching the net about Freeview Set Top Boxes and I haven’t found a decent review for any of them

Having had two Philips DTR 500’s die with the same fault within a year I would like to move on to another manufacturer, has anyone got any good thing to say about these darn things?

I only want to stay within a certain price range £40 to £70 as I really believe they are becoming a throw away product after a year.

  SG Atlantis 07:48 01 Dec 2005

curry's are doing one for £25ish quid.

  Stuartli 13:43 01 Dec 2005

Mine's at least four years old (Pioneer DTR 210) and is an ITVDigital box.

It brings in every one of the 82 TV and radio channels on Winter Hill and any new ones and updates automatically.

The only thing missing is the Freeview EPG which is not possible as the cost of rewriting the ONDigital software would be uneconomic states originator Canal+.

  amonra 16:11 01 Dec 2005

I've got two cheap Matsui boxes from Currys, both working well for about a year. I had a more expensive Samsung which was a pain in the proverbial. It's on the shelf above my head as a last DESPERATE reserve if the others break down.

  David4637 16:41 01 Dec 2005

Possibly worth reminding that most boxes will only allow you view the channel you are recording to a VCR on.Mine (3 yrs)is Thomson and using there S/W it is easy to set up a VCR to record a prog. David

  14all 18:20 01 Dec 2005

I think I’m going to go with the Sony VTX800U as it seems to get the bigger percentage of good reviews across different review sites.

After reading so many reviews in a short space of time I’m beginning to wonder how many bad reviews are down to people in bad signal areas or using inferior outdoor aerials or indoor aerials.

  14all 22:12 01 Dec 2005

Sorry for running two threads on this subject, I'll close this one, and keep the one on the Consumerwatch forum going thanks for you posts


  Stuartli 08:30 02 Dec 2005

You need a dual tuner Freeview receiver or recorder to watch one and record another programme.

As for recording Freeview on a VCR, my Mitsubishi H58 is 12 years old and I occasionally use it to record a Freeview programme, using the channels originally intended for recording large satellite dish transmissions.

  Stuartli 08:31 02 Dec 2005

If you have a PCI Freeview TV card with an appropriate PVR you can watch one programme and record another on your system, but it's providing both programmes are being trasmitted on the same MUX.

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