Advice on discreet hearing aids

  john bunyan 09:53 30 Jan 2019

My family tell me I need hearing aids! I have been reluctant as the issue is most prevalent at high end , such as high pitch telephone, and low end, where I don’t hear my own footsteps! (In early military days, too much shooting with no ear defenders)

Being a bit vain I would like discreet, probably not NHS ones? Folk I know talk of battery cost etc. I believe prices are up to £1700?

Recommendations on specific makes and or tips for homework would be welcome. Indeed, are the NHS ones ok, although I could afford private ones?

  wee eddie 10:45 30 Jan 2019

I recently went to see my Doctor with hearing problems. A misspent youth in the entertainment industry was the cause. She sent me to get tested at the local hospital.

The test showed a drop in hearing in both ears, one more extreme than the other.

I asked about getting private Hearing Aids. The advice was, yes they are good but start off with the NHS ones, to get used to the concept of wearing them and to discover what you feel is most important in a hearing aid. You can then trade up, when you have mapped out your needs, as opposed to the accepting the latest selling gimmick which they will try to convince you to buy.

  john bunyan 11:18 30 Jan 2019

wee eddie

Thanks; good advice. I suspect many of us here may confess to a misspent youth. In my case not only shooting but the playing of loud music through "hi fi" systems such as Quad amplifiers etc. I think our local GP surgery has a visiting hearing test service. Trying to phone them usually means a long wait with "There are 8 callers in the queue", and the doctor, except for emergency, has a 4 - 6 week waiting list!!

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