Advice on desktop and linking to HDTV.

  John B 18:43 18 Aug 2009

I'd like to buy a new tower for the usual everyday tasks. Not into gaming but I would like to link the pc to my HDTV via an hdmi lead so that I can watch BBCi player (full screen if possible)etc.

I've bought from Novatech before and I like the look of the icon pro click here

It has a GeForce 9500GT SLI 1GB GDDR2 DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Grpahics card; this means very little to me!

Will it do the job and can I plug an hdmi lead straight into the card?

Any thoughts gratefully received.



  John B 20:23 18 Aug 2009

meant to add ... will sound be transmitted via the card and hdmi cable, or would sound require an additional lead?

  sunnystaines 21:59 18 Aug 2009

one hdmi lead from graphics to monitor will convey both graphics and sound together.

  ambra4 04:57 07 Sep 2009

Take a read on what is HDMI it will help you to understand the difference between Analogue

& Digital Audio/Video Signal

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

click here

  John B 17:42 08 Sep 2009

The graphics card has DVI and analogue out. I've used a dvi converter to connect the tv via the vga connection. I also have to have a separate lead for sound. The other card output connects to the pc's monitor.

I did a bit of reading and it seems that I can't just get a dvi to hdmi connector and plug the tv in with an hdmi lead. I'd still need a separate sound feed.

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