Advice on back up device please.

  Cara2 22:33 12 Jun 2006

Not entirely sure which forum to use - but here goes..

Having had some very ropey episodes backing up our business accounts on floppy disks, I am now sure we need something more fail safe. This is an area I know nothing about other than the old fashioned floppy disks.

What would be appropriate? Daily back-ups and transfering info from one computer to another. How much would we be likely to spend?

Any advice would be very appreciated.


  wee eddie 08:57 13 Jun 2006

Do all the PC's which might need to use the Back-up have USB?

Do you have a Budget, for Capital Expenditure and/or Trading Account?

How many MB do the relevant Back-ups take up?

Have you spoken to your Accountants yet? This item is crucial, if your Accountants are "au fait" with the system you decide use, it will save you a fortune in fees!

  mole44 08:22 16 Jun 2006

you could get a pen drive i paid £27 or so at watfords for a 2gb one,i find there quick and reliable,we use them at work for our backup.

  Cara2 20:10 16 Jun 2006

Thanks for replies.

The accounts software is basic really - sage instant. Backups usually takes 2 floppy disks - although not completely filling the second one.

My OS is XP and both computers have USB. The computers are one at home and the other office. Our accountant (a relative) is not au fait with the software unfortunately.

I have not heard of a pen drive?!

  wee eddie 21:33 16 Jun 2006

Does you Accountant use a PC?

What part in the running of the business do the backups take. (For some forms of record hard, unalterable, copies are useful)

How long has the business been running(roughly)?

You can ignore that final question if it is a bit close to the bone but it's quite important from a records point of view. If you don't wish to put that information on a public forum, use the little yellow envelope by my handle.

  Cara2 21:45 16 Jun 2006

Yes, our accountant does use a PC. Whenever necessary, I run reports - she does not get involved in the software at all.

We are a very small business (going over 20 years though!) We have been using Sage for, I think, 3/4 years. The backups are just daily/weekly backups. Security is not an issue. It is more a case of floppy disks being corrupted on more than one ocassion.

  wee eddie 22:33 16 Jun 2006

click here.

I do not know if this type of medium is more or less reliable than floppies.

You would need a minimum of 3

You could, of course, put your Back-up onto CD which would probably cost no more than the Disks as most PCs have CD writers these days.

  wee eddie 23:58 16 Jun 2006

Does your back-up process include "Verification"?

I have been lucky so far and never had to rely on a back-up that I made. However, I well remember checking some early CD copies that I made, only to find that I had somehow botched the process and that they were unreadable.

  wee eddie 15:34 22 Jun 2006

As such organisations usually charge by volume and your volume is small, your costs should be fairly low. There are a number of these operations about including, I think, Sage. Who may include it as part of their annual Update Fee.

The cost would be a P&L A/c figure and as he says, off site. Very sensible.

  Cara2 19:17 22 Jun 2006

Thanks for all your suggestions. I shall look at them all in depth.


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