Advertised capacity and capabilities.

  belfman 16:32 22 Mar 2008

I read an advert today for a phone with 2gb of storage and it boasted store upto 1,800 of your favourite songs. With words saying how good of a music player it is in the advert.

With that sort of compression the music wouldn't be tolerable. Max I could fit is about 350 to 400 mp3s @ 256kbps, some are ripped at 320kpbs.

What do you think? Am I right or am I wasting space on higher quality mp3s as the phones aren't capable of good sound reproduction?

  spikeychris 16:53 22 Mar 2008

Ripping at 128kbp will allow a lot more data to be saved, that's how they will have probably come up with the numbers.

  bremner 17:12 22 Mar 2008

My view would be that 192kbps would be maximum compression I would use and as spikeychris says 128kbps is acceptable from a device that is never going to give quality reproduction.

256/320 just seems a waste of capacity.

  belfman 17:29 22 Mar 2008

I just ripped a 2 minute track at 128kbps and it's file size is 1.88MB. It sounded ok to me but I'm still a bit taken back by their quoted amount of mp3s.

To fit 1800 songs on my guess is the mp3 would have to be 1MB or less in size and WMP only allows a minimum of 128kbps.

  MAJ 17:34 22 Mar 2008

128kbps would be the lowest you'd want, and WMP can rip to lower bitrate if you set it do it.

  pj123 17:36 22 Mar 2008

Why would you want that?

My phone is for making and receiving calls.

Not for listening to music, taking photographs, surfing the net, making the tea and telling the time.

I have a perfectly good MP3 player (1gb) but also takes SD cards. A thing to take photo's (it's called a camera) Something to surf the net (a computer) and something to watch films/programs (a TV).

  belfman 17:39 22 Mar 2008

To achieve the quoted fill from the advert.

  anskyber 17:45 22 Mar 2008

I do not think that you are wasting space at all. I am amazed at how the quality of audio has degenerated in the last few years as compression rates increase.

Audiophiles, love them or hate them, sit back in horror as technology seems to move further and further to third rate compromise. But then if it's the Spice Girls listened to the maximum compression possible for their music is welcomed, preferably under a road roller.

  belfman 17:46 22 Mar 2008

To address the rest of your post I don't need an mp3 player because it's built into my phone. I know what the device used to take pictures is called and I own several but don't always carry it with me. I don't "surf the net" but use WAP to download small games and get uptodate news on the move. I do not use a mobile device for video so I agree with that point.

PS. You could start a new topic in Mobile World as it's now dead or contribute to my other thread on Mobile World click here

  spikeychris 21:31 22 Mar 2008

As bremner has stated, the AAC codec kicks out 192kbps and gives good compressed output.

  spikeychris 21:40 22 Mar 2008

I have no idea as to why I arrived in the mobile room - thought I was safely seated in speakers corner. Phasers set to stun...

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