Advantages of iOS Over Android (if any!)

  morddwyd 20:25 13 Sep 2017

Ny smartphone is showing its age and I am looking at replacements. I had pretty much settled on the Galaxy Note 8, but the new iPhone X has piqued my interest.

Does iOS have any advantages or otherwise over Android in smartphone?

  wee eddie 21:32 13 Sep 2017

Yes. It will be very beneficial to the Shareholders of your Finance Company

  morddwyd 22:53 13 Sep 2017

I don't think £100 is going to increase the dividend much, even if I had a finance company, which I don't

  martd7 00:35 14 Sep 2017

Do you mean £1000,thats how much the iphone x is

  Menzie 00:39 14 Sep 2017

In the case of Android versus Apple when it comes to the flagships price isn't really different any more.

I use Android (Motorola G4 Plus) and the other half has an iPhone 6.

So far I've found that Apple does the following well:

Apple Care - When she had an issue with her phone she simply went into Apple and they sorted it so their support appears quite good on current devices.

OS Updates - Speaking of support... Apple releases updates for the previous model for a decent amount of time. Sure the newer OS may run slower on older handsets but at least you are safe in the knowledge that you have all the latest security updates.

Walled Garden - This is good and bad; the good is that malicious apps have a harder time going through. Google uses a system for this app approval where no human interaction is done. This is quick but as seen in the past nasties can slip through.

Accessory availability - You're guaranteed to find accessories everywhere and I mean everywhere. If your local Poundland starts carrying Phone cases I guarantee they are for the iPhone. Buy a new home stereo or automobile and some come with actual Apple docks.

Now for Android:

You can get apps from anywhere - Your phone too old for the latest version of Android app and you've just done a clean install? Simply download it from a trusty source, side load and carry on.

More choice - You have a wide range of handsets at various prices to suit any budget.

Some Standout features - Okay so this may be considered spying and you can turn it off. Order something online and your phone automatically tracks it's progress. Park your vehicle somewhere and your phone remembers where you parked. These are just some of the things my phone takes care of without me asking.

Both do things very well, I'd say take a trip out to a local phone store, have a play with both and see which one your prefer.

  morddwyd 12:06 14 Sep 2017

wee eddie

No, the figure is £100. The Note 8 is around £900, and I am already pretty committed to that and funding is in place.

The X is £1000, so the choice comes down to is iOS 10 worth an extra £100.


Thank you for your comprehensive reply, almost a direct "hands on" comparison!

I am already familiar with Android, of course, having been with it since Froyo days.

Your points are well taken, particularly updates. Samsung in particular are notoriously slow at O/S updates, and also pre-load their devices with large amounts of dross.

I suppose Android is a bit like Ford - you can get the spares anywhere, and most mechanics know how to fix them!

I have a month or so to study the reviews. Thw Apple is a bit smaller that the Samsung, but the Samsung's aspect ratio is a bit unusual.

One of the biggest factors for me, apart from screen size, is a stylus (that's why I put up with Samsung!). I can operate without one, but not easily.

  Menzie 19:54 14 Sep 2017

The worse thing about Android has been updates. For instance the bigger jumps like Android M to N.

Many Android phone owners find themselves ineligible for that sort of upgrade even on flagship models.

However I really like my Android handset. It has been reliable, fast, great to use.

My other half prefers Apple and will use nothing else, likewise with every member in her family.

Both of us are invested in each eco system. I have everything from books and apps to movies purchased from Google on mine.

  wee eddie 20:10 14 Sep 2017

Don't worry, old iPhones suffer from obsolescence as well.

About 3 OS Updates is about the maximum Apple will allow, then you're stuck with that version of the OS.

Oh, and your phone will get slower with every new OS you download.

  Menzie 21:59 14 Sep 2017

That is true, although at least you get more than one.

I'm on a G4 Plus and I bet Motorola won't release Android O on it.

I've had no issues being behind however, my previous phone, a Motorola G (first gen) stopped getting updates a long time ago.

I'm planning to keep this one until the G6 comes out.

  Forum Editor 22:22 15 Sep 2017

I have tried both - Android and Apple.

My last two phones have been Samsung Galaxies (currently an S7). I have no intention of changing back to an iPhone.

My daughters both have iPhones - they've always used them.

My son has a Galaxy.

In the end, it's a very personal choice. It's just a phone, after all.

  morddwyd 09:39 16 Sep 2017

* It's just a phone, after all.*

Not really true any more is it? It's a mini-computer, a media player, a diary, a clock, all manner of things.

In fact or me, and I suspect some other people, the actual telephone facility is quite a minor consideration, and can be filled by a cheap handset frpm any supermarket.

It is which other functions it has, and how well it performs them that influences choice. The most important thing for me, even more that those already mentioned, is whether it will run my PIM, and transferring the data.

Like you I've always had Samsung. My son has my original Note 1, I still have a More 2 hanging around somewhere, handy as a back-up to my current note 4. I actually had my hands on a Note 7, but they were recalled before any money changed hands. I personally thought it a better machine than the Note 8, which is why I'm looking at Apple.

I have everything from books and apps to movies purchased from Google on mine.

This should not be a problem. The Android app "Move to IOS" will take care of most things, and installing Chrome and synching will yake care of the rest.

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