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Adopting An Old Samsung A3

  Newuser4165 12:51 04 Sep 2019

I have adopted my wife's old A3 and all data has been transferred to a new A20e using Smart Switch.However, at the moment I'm banned from doing anything to the old A3 apart from installing a new sim card.She's terrified of losing all her data if I delete anything from the A3.There is a remote possibility that they are both linked to the same google account but I'm not sure.Apart from binning the A3 and buying a new phone can anyone offer suggestions as I'm finding it very difficult to understand how to reset the A3 without deleting data on the A20e

  Forum Editor 17:52 06 Sep 2019

"all data has been transferred to a new A20e using Smart Switch."

In which case, where's the problem? Provided your wife's data files have been transferred to her new phone you can safely delete everything on the old one.

What is it specifically that your wife is worried about?

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