Active 3D glasses for people with prescripted glasses

  PeteS007 05:54 22 May 2012

Yesterday I visited my brother’s house and we were watching Hugo on his Samsung 3D TV… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy it, because of the glasses. My bad vision requires me to wear glasses and the active pairs did not feel so comfortable with them. I didn’t enjoy at all, it was torture for my eyes and my face… Any suggestions, please?

  john bunyan 21:22 23 May 2012

If you buy a 3d Tv , look at a LG - they use passive glasses, and soon, I believe will have "glassless" 3D. I do not have a 3D TV yet as I do not care for the current availability of input.

  mcclaudjohn 07:30 25 May 2012

Sorry to hear that. I guess this is one of the problems you have to encounter with Active 3D glasses. Another problem is that they’re expensive, heavy on the eyes, and takes time to recharge. LG passive 3D glasses will do you just fine since the LG 3D TV always comes with at least four pairs of free 3D glasses that you can share with family members and friends.

  Arvin.P 03:35 26 May 2012

Many people have exactly the same problem as you do and I don't understand why such a big companies don't try to make watching TV more comfortable for EVERYONE. If your brother has many friends or relatives with prescripted glasses, he shoud've bought a passive 3D TV (LG's one would be the best choice).

  chasmithy 02:08 01 Jun 2012

This is another thing I don't like about active 3D.. I wear glasses and active 3D does not have those clip ons like some passive 3D brands do. I think it was LG that had the clip ons. I went to one of the shows and there was LG and Samsung right next to each other. LG gave me the clip ons since I had my glasses on but Samsung just stood there and pointed at their shutter glasses like they expect me to wear their glasses on top of mine in public -_-

  wmary10 09:28 11 Jun 2012

Passive does seem better off than active but once glasses-free 3D TVs hit the store at a cheaper price, I'm for it.

  speedman 09:38 11 Jun 2012

Arvin, I differ with your point. In as much as I prefer passive 3D, I do believe that there are other people out there who do like the active 3D. It all depends on individual’s perception. But if we just compare both in terms of cost, passive 3D is way better off than active. For instance, when my uncle bought his LG 3D TV, it came with 4 pairs of free passive glasses and the glasses while most active sets only give you two if you're lucky.

  aiato 03:14 26 Jun 2012

It’s because of the flickering on active 3D TVs. People say that it’s ok, but when I myself tried the glasses on I could watch the movie but my brain could feel the flickering and it made my eyes really tired. And yes, the glasses are heavier and they have battery problems. You have to charge them very often. That’s why the comments above say it is better to use passive 3D glasses.

  harv57 02:42 03 Jul 2012

I heard passive 3d sets offer clip ons for people with prescribed glasses. If you're interested in buying a 3d tv for yourself, maybe you should look into that.

  Patrickholt 06:36 03 Jul 2012

There are two type of glasses which are used in 3D TVs, Active glasses and Passive ones. Samsung and Sony uses active glasses which I find quite uncomfortable because of its battery and the way it's shaped. This is just what I think tho, I know some people that can manage it. Brands like LG and Vizio are using passive glasses. One advantage of using passive glasses is (idk if all passives are like this but) LG provides clip ons which you can put over your regular glasses but actives don't.

  lhalfman 01:55 10 Jul 2012

I almost had a situation like you. I went over to my friends house because he bought a 3d tv. I heard a lot of bad news on the internet, but my friend has prepared one of those clip on glasses for me. He had an LG LM670T. All I had to do was tag it on top of my glasses, it was really nice.

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