Acer Aspire E5 laptop soaked from leaked rainwater

  shay19 22:12 06 Apr 2018

My backpack's supposed to be waterproof so I just put my laptop (Acer Aspire E5-573 series) inside. When I checked, the top and bottom of my backpack were soaked and moisture gathered on the sides of my laptop where you plug in flash drives and what not.

My laptop was already shut down before I tried starting the power button, but nothing happened. I already removed the battery though that took me some time to figure out since this is my first time encountering anything like this. Also, when I was removing the battery, I saw some water droplets on the bottom cover of the laptop, but not on the circuit board though I can't say for certain that it hasn't been affected.

I would like to know the chances of my laptop working again, what I could do to see if the motherboard is still work and if there are any more steps I could take to minimize the damage and if not, what steps to take to recover the files I need from my laptop.

  wee eddie 23:06 06 Apr 2018

You did right by taking the battery out but have risked a short circuit by pressing the on switch.

Put it somewhere warm and dry for 48 hours. You can then put the battery back and try turning it on again.

  wee eddie 23:54 06 Apr 2018

With any luck you may have got away with it. If, when you start it again, nothing happens, all is not lost.

Although it may be dead, the data on your Hard Drive should be safe

  wee eddie 11:40 17 Apr 2018

Any luck, Shay

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