Accessing Internet on laptop via mobile phone

  DANZIG 07:30 31 Jul 2010

My phone's payment plan includes unlimited internet. In the three months I've had it this has been true as I have paid the same bill for those three months.

A recent software update on it gives the opportunity, when plugging it in via USB, to use the phone as a modem.

I tried it last night and it works! Having checked my 'unbilled usage' on the T-Mobile site, that access had been recorded (only about a minute or so). It had cost nothing extra.

Also it seemed to be faster than the mobile dongle thing that I have on PAYG and that I use for holidays (I start mine tomorrow!)

Do you think I will be charged through the nose for using my phone in this way??

  tullie 19:27 31 Jul 2010

I too would be interested in any answers you get.

  DANZIG 22:53 31 Jul 2010

After having asked some chums at work, they seem to think after a while of using it I may incur some sizeable charges.

I can't really see why though.

I'll try it when I'm on my jollies for the next two weeks.

  Chegs ®™ 09:59 03 Aug 2010

I use my mobile as a modem whenever my wired broadband is playing up.I have not incurred any extra charges despite using it regularly,and on checking my bill online I can see every instance of data usage with costs of £0.00.I do however get charged for MMS (pictures) although I was informed when I signed up to Vodaphone that "everything is included in my contract pricing plan"

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