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4k newly purchased TV which hdmi lead

  martd7 10:06 18 May 2018

A week ago I purchased a 4k TV and despite my best attempts I cannot get a satisfactory picture when watching regular HD programs

It's a Samsung 49 mu6400 the pictures not as good as my 6y old Panny 42 LCD

I've spoken to the company I purchased it from and they've advised different settings and now a different HDMI lead must be a 4k lead? I have some very good sheathed gold plated hdmi leads I purchased 4yr ago so I'm reluctant to spend any more cash,I've also tried the lead that came with my virgin V6 box and that looks no different

Any advice?

  john bunyan 10:58 18 May 2018

Not sure why an HDMI lead is involved for watching via TV. aerial or cable. If to link a DVD player, I assume that and the source are 4 k?

  martd7 14:52 18 May 2018

Hdmi from the Virgin V6 box to the TV,no aerial or dvd/Blu-ray player

  martd7 18:22 18 May 2018

Thanks and yes the V6 box is outputting at 4k and the TVs upscaling the image,live programs like sport and news look fantastic but anything else looks pretty grim, yes I've watched the you tube content,it was very good as is the BBC iPlayer demo in 4k looks like 3d

  martd7 18:38 18 May 2018

The best TV settings from AV forums are the ones I have used,I found it gave an overall very dim look to the picture,clearly the TV s not very good at upscaling 1080p,best selling budget 4k TV of last year as well,I count myself fortunate that when reading about this TV on Av forums many users had TVs with light bleed,I've had none of that or any motion problems that were mentioned

  martd7 19:25 18 May 2018

That's correct I think that's the maximum on this set,the new Panasonic I thought about was only 300 nits,so it's a compromise I'll have to get used to,note what the reviewer says in the video that the best picture out of the box is near realistic with just a few tweaks in "movie mode", I can't watch it,way too dark

  martd7 17:05 20 May 2018

I have found some TV settings on You tube from an expert who says he was trained to do this, forget av forums and settings,these work,even the SD content looks good now,I'm classing as resolved

  martd7 14:59 21 May 2018

Thanks and yes I've seen the Dynamic setting everything's on max and over exposed leaving no detail,these settings are using movie mode pushing up the back light and contrast and the red filter,it's much better on HD and SD content

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