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Is 4K as big a waste of money as 3D?

  john bunyan 13:40 18 Feb 2017

I only use Freeview for Tv, and not Netflix or DVD's. New TV's are being offered with 4K, but no Freeview channels have it. Therefore if I buy a new TV is 4g a waste? Also I note that some Smart TV's do not offer all catch up channels - salesmen are slow to point this out.

  dms_05 15:14 06 Mar 2017

The major advantage of 4K is it allows you to watch a much bigger screen without needing to move further away from the TV because it has a lot better resolution of detail. It's the natural way screens will evolve unlike 3D which was studios trying to kick start a new format.

One of the ironies of initial 1920*1080 programs is they were originally recorded in 4K but downgraded to 2K and the 4K deleted because no one could see the point of keeping that format. Perhaps the most expensive mistake in recent TV decisions?

  Number 42 18:03 10 Apr 2017

You'll find most of the big manufactures are dropping 3D in their 2017 line up. (loved watching it with the kids) Only the small players such as Vestel Sets will keep it along with curved TV's. All those cheap sets you buy from Tesco's etc and Low End Budget.

The new kid on the block is OLED. Just pre-ordered an LGB7 OLED the image from the 2016 range impressed me so much I couldn't wait. Reminds me of my old Pioneer Kuro Plasma.

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