Is 4K as big a waste of money as 3D?

  john bunyan 13:40 18 Feb 2017

I only use Freeview for Tv, and not Netflix or DVD's. New TV's are being offered with 4K, but no Freeview channels have it. Therefore if I buy a new TV is 4g a waste? Also I note that some Smart TV's do not offer all catch up channels - salesmen are slow to point this out.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:44 18 Feb 2017

I think 4K is a waste, if you don't get 4K films, as there is nothing else to watch in 4K. Much of what is currently available on Terrestrial telly is not even full HD yet.

  wee eddie 16:29 18 Feb 2017

Depends on the size of your screen and the speed of your connection,

I think that 4K is a waste of time on any screen below 30"

  john bunyan 16:37 18 Feb 2017

Screen 43" but with no 4K on Freeview it seems a waste to buy one. My current LG smart TV only has BBC iPlayer for catch up, and I have never in 3 years used the 3 D function. I was considering a TV for another room - Samsung have a greater range of catch up apps.

  morddwyd 19:41 18 Feb 2017

Like 3D and "Smart" facilities, this will gradually be incorporated into all new TVs.

I''e got a 3D TV - the glasses are still in a sealed box. Similarly I've got 4K. I've never fired it up.

  john bunyan 19:48 18 Feb 2017

Whereas 3D was a modest premium, 4K is a lot more than "true HD" , and it seems a waste to par the extra if there is little chance of there being 4K broadcasts on Freeview.

  morddwyd 09:05 19 Feb 2017

Must admit when changing televisions I tend to buy the one that I fancy and don't worry much about all the latest bells and whistles, or the lack of them!

Hence my3D specs still in the wrapper!

  mole44 16:56 19 Feb 2017

I said 3d would flop and 4K will follow with little or no content for either i class them a deceased aquatic bird i.e. dead duck.

  john bunyan 17:34 19 Feb 2017

I will green tick as I have found no credible 4K source for my viewing - my download speed is only 7 - 8 mbps so even if I wanted Netflix , one needs 15 - 25 mbps to get 4K.Also my screen size is only about 43" or thereabouts

  [DELETED] 18:00 19 Feb 2017

With a full HD TV and a cheap Freesat box I honestly can't think of how the picture can be enhanced further. You can see any blemishes on a person's face, each blade of grass. Set up correctly (hue, brightness and contrast) and the picture, to me, is perfect. Even DVD's show a crisp clear picture. Can't compare to Blu Ray, 4K or 3D as I've never felt the need for the technology. HD is just excellent in my humble opinion.

  QuizMan 23:10 21 Feb 2017

Having "invested" in Sky Q, I watch football in ultra HD, but I am hard pushed to notice any real difference to standard HD.

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