4g SIM samsung tablet issues

  Mjsinteriors 19:42 24 Mar 2018

I got a 4g data only sim and a samsung tablet that takes a sim and wifi fir my elderly almost deaf mum to use to keep in touch using email and help her use Google web etc. She doesn't have broadband or wifi at her house so this was a good option. Virgin sent out a new SIM recently as they've updated their service. No online available it didn't work. I went to the virgin shop to find out they no longer do data only tablet Sims so the SIM received was a mobile SIM I didn't know there was a difference but explained to me that the SIM thought it was being used like a teather rather than its own service so they changed me to an all inclusive SIM giving no limit on data or texts now it does send emails and shows 4g and sms works fine but using chrome or internet of any sort says it can't fund internet service. I'm wondering if there's any service settings I need to change. I've got Wi-Fi off and mobile data on but I must be missing something. Any help and advise would be much appreciated. This tablet has become somewhat of a lifeline for mum over the last 2 years and it's only since virgin changed their Sims that it's become an issue. I've been back to virgin and they say this SIM should work for what we need it to do and it could be down to coverage but as virgin use EE and my phone and tablet are on ee too when side by side at mum's house mine work fine but hers doesn't

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