2 Freeview Boxes

  blazon 82 09:22 13 Jul 2007

Can you run 2 Freeview boxes from 1 aerial?
Sorry if this has been covered before but could not find it with a search

  yonex24562 10:52 13 Jul 2007

Yes you can quite easily. I am running a tv with freeview built in, a twin tuner DTR downstairs and three freeview boxes upstairs with the aid of two splitter/amplifiers and am getting an excellent strength signal on all boxes. Hope this helps you. Cheers.

  Stuartli 14:26 13 Jul 2007

Yes, as yonex24562 states; I have one TV aerial input which goes direct to an aerial amplifier; this feeds the main Freeview LCD TV and a second coaxial cable has a 60 foot run under the floorboards to a second aerial amplifier in the front room.

This serves a Pioneer STB and the second television, with another coaxial cable run from the amplifier of about 15ft going direct to my computer system's PCI Freeview TV card.

All three units have more than enough signal strength and quality available.

  David4637 15:40 13 Jul 2007

This only works well if you are in a good signal strength area. If the aerial feeds 2 STBs you will probably need an aerial amp. David

  blazon 82 17:58 13 Jul 2007

Many thanks for the replies. The signal is very good here so should have no problems

  BT 07:46 15 Jul 2007

Make sure you get a DIGITAL aerial amplifier if you do get one. Available in lots of places. Got mine in Homebase.

  Stuartli 12:53 15 Jul 2007

Digital aerial amplifier?

Sounds like marketing hype to me - all you are doing with an aerial amplifier is boosting the terrestial TV transmissions.

Unless you have an integrated Digital TV product a DTB (Freeview) tuner, whether in set top box or PCI TV card form, merely converts the digital programme transmissions back to analogue (otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch the programmes).

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