Zoostorm/PCNextDay - Non Existent Customer Support

  sludgebeast 09:01 19 Aug 2006

I ordered a PCNextDay Zoostorm PC 2 weeks ago and they promised delivery in 10 working days, and took payment 3 days later. During the following week I checked the status of my order and it said it was complete. I have now sent 4 emails to them asking what the status is of the order and had auto-replies back saying they will get in touch asap, and to date have received no replies at all and, as yet, no PC. Has anyone else been subject to this non-existent customer support?

  spuds 11:39 19 Aug 2006

No telephone contact available, so that you can speak to a human being, and find out what is the delay?.

  sidecar sid 12:01 19 Aug 2006

Try calling them on 0151 709 6342.

  rdave13 18:49 19 Aug 2006

Bought a zoostorm beginning of year. Tracking said complete but you must find the courier they use and use their tracking facilities. Can't for the life of me remember how I did it but all through PCNexday site. Must say mine arrived on the tenth day. Try [email protected] instead of customer service.

  Black Paw 23:48 20 Aug 2006

Sludgebeast - I did the same thing but did follow up via tel - they provide an 0870 on the website (obscurly) but saynoto0870 gave the 0151 umber above - call was answered and I was able to get some clarification on my order which I've now had the email stating delivery tomorrow (10days). Also I noted they'd only included 1 yr warranty - but the rev in PC Advisor said 3 yrs - a quick email and they've advised it will e 3yrs and have updated their website to correct it. I'd recommend tel if no reply to emails - I've got replies but they are intermittent. Roll on tomorrow.

  usrhlp 16:16 23 Aug 2006

What was the outcome of this transaction then?

I have just found their website after being a long time customer for click here and I have found these guys are cheaper.

Have you got your products you ordered or are you still waiting??

  sludgebeast 22:31 30 Aug 2006

Thanks to all who replied to this thread. A big thanks to those who gave phone numbers, as try as I might I couldn't find one on their web site. Finally got the PC last week after phoning them up. Several days after promised delivery. The package I ordered was supposed to come with 7.1 Creative speakers and it arrived with Philips 5.1. The Keyboard and mouse were meant to be wireless and what arrived was PS/2 wired. The wireless network card doesn't work. I sent an email right away and am still waiting for a reply to this. I have phoned, and they told me to send it by email and that all emails are answered within 2 hours. Some chance. Have now phoned 3 times and they say that Customer support would get in touch immediately. Still waiting! Absolutely AWFUL customer support and service from this company. Very disappointed.

  rdave13 23:25 30 Aug 2006

Sorry to hear of your problems with PCnextday. I've had good service so far and have used them for quite a while.

Try emailing them using the Technical support address. click here

  garyworcester 02:05 31 Aug 2006

i'm not surprised to see this thread...PCNextDays customer suport is THE WORST i've seen. every time i email them with questions or problems they have been totaly useless...they never seem to know what they are talking about..sometimes they even ignore my email. i will never shop at PCNextDay again....the online shop i get my computer stuff froom now maybe more expensive but at least there support people are really good and helpfull

  islandstate 01:07 01 Sep 2006

I had great support from PCNextday, bought a system from them and indeed it did actually arrive the next day!

There was a fault with it though, and email support was excellent, emails were answered promptly with good advice. finally when the tech support suggested the unit should be sent back, i contacted customer service and was upgraded to an on-site warranty and an engineer came out to ME to fix it. not had bother since.

I was very impressed with the support, after a very bad experience with savastore. i would definately buy from them again.

  m_e_brown 12:18 20 Sep 2006

Well I am on Day 15 of the promised 10 days.

After sending 4 emails I have only had a repsponse to the first, which was sent on day 9 of 10 and I was told I would have a delivery date early this week.

Well, It is Wednesday (not early in the week by a long shot) and Day 15.

No more emails and no PC (and no £1400)

Avoid these t0553r5 like the plague. Useless.

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