Zoostorm any good?

  ivesy 19:43 28 Feb 2012

Seen this on ebuyer http://m.ebuyer.com/338527

Which seems very cheap compared to Zoostorm PC's on Dabs, Amazon and Micro Direct.

Has anyone bought one of these from ebuyer? If so what are they like, reliable?

My budget was up to £500 but i dont mind paying a little extra for a system like this. I'm just a little suspicious why it appears so cheap! I have windows 7 home and an average ati grfx card already from my old PC.

Any help or alternative suggestions would be very welcome.

  birdface 21:29 28 Feb 2012

Not sure about m.ebuyer is that the same as this.http://www.ebuyer.com/338527 or is it from somewhere different.

Cant comment on the computer but you get it without an operating system,Monitor or keyboard or mouse.

  spuds 23:45 28 Feb 2012

I purchased a Zoostorm computer from Ebuyer about six months ago, that was on special offer. With mine, I got a keyboard and mouse, plus W7 installed. Purchased extra ram at same time to full motherboard capacity. No problems so far.

  rdave13 00:18 29 Feb 2012

Haven't used or heard too many bad things about e-buyer. This machine looks OK for the price but you will need to contact E-buyer to see the power rating for the PSU, as you will no doubt want to upgrade the CPU's graphics capabilities, at a later stage I think. Although 8 GB ram should be more than enough, be aware it has only two slots for ram so any upgrade for ram will be more expensive.

  canarieslover 09:40 29 Feb 2012

I have an i5 desktop that I purchased from them eighteen months ago. No problems with it whatsoever so I can't comment on after sales support because I haven't needed it. Not the most stylish of cases but I don't buy a computer just to look at. My son has a couple of their earlier machines that are still going strong after thirty months of being continuously on without any problems other than self induced software ones. I would certainly look at Ebuyer when I am next in the market for a new machine.

  ivesy 19:38 29 Feb 2012

Hi and thanks for the replies.

I just think a system for under £500 with a near top of the range cpu (I7 2600 3.4) and 8 gb memory seems very cheap compared to other manufacturers. I think i'll go for it but just a bit worried the rest of the components are pants!

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