Zen Internet ADSL - Well done!

  Webmaster 20:33 29 Jul 2003

Not a complaint but a congratulations..... for Zen Internet!

They emailed stating that my ADSL connection will be activated this forthcoming Friday but it has already been activated! :-| Perhaps BT are rushing as many ADSL connections through as possible.

Thinking about it, perhaps when BT perform a line check, they find it easier to just leave ADSL connected since, at the end of the day, lines needing ADSL checks have already had orders for ADSL to be put on them.

  Djohn 21:01 29 Jul 2003

Similar thing happened to me but with aol. Ordered last week on Wednesday at 15:00. BT engineer phoned on Friday at 14:50 to tell me the line is live! Just waiting for modem now. Good luck with your install and happy surfing :o)

  simonp1 22:34 29 Jul 2003

another happy Zen customer, i love em.

  booner 19:59 06 Sep 2005

Hi i am in the process of going over to broadband,and i see that Zen internet have good reveiws.But i have found out you have to pay for the kit to get you going, and activation.And as far as i can see most other isps seem to offer the start up kit for free.I will not be doing a great deal of downloading mainly just emails and internet.Is it worth me paying out the money for Zen or go with an isp that offer the free bundle.Thanks Booner

  Djohn 20:34 06 Sep 2005

I've been with Zen now for almost 2 years. They are simply the best Broadband ISP there is.

If you order via the net, it will be up and running within 3 days, very fast, ultra reliable and never dropped a beat in all the time I've been with them.

I'm on 2Mb and have been for a while now, check out the ADSL guide and compare any other 5 with Zen, they come first month after month, year after year. They are not cheap, but its so reliable, its boring! ;o)

ADSL Guide compare page click here

  Phphred 21:17 06 Sep 2005

If you compare Zen with Freedom 2 Surf PLC there is very little difference, except in the prices charged

  The Spires 21:46 06 Sep 2005

No complaints here either, I am quite happy to pay the asking price. Great ISP.

  shizzy 22:00 06 Sep 2005

We have had two BT problems since joining Zen in April and each time Zen have been happy to help. Emails are answered the same day or the next depending on the time. Worth the extra.

  Wuggy 22:27 06 Sep 2005

Ordered Wanadoo 2Mbps broadband on Thursday 25 August, received modem and filters at 0800 Friday 26 August, Bank Holiday intervened and I had my broad band connection up and running on Tuesday 30 August followed by an email on Wednesday 31 August from Wanadoo to say that I had been connected at exchange. First class and very speedy service and connection whizzes along like nobody's business

  Djohn 22:58 06 Sep 2005

Your correct when you say there is not much difference on the comparison chart, one or two others will come close to Zen on the chart, but not pass them.

Its when you look a little closer that you see the major difference between Zen and others. Zen do not have a cap on bandwidth, there are no restrictions whatsoever and if you look on their front page, you'll see they guarantee "No Contention on their networks" Most others do contend, Freedom to surf is at 50/1 some ISP's offer the same or 30/1. Whichever it is, its on top of the 50/1 that BT place on you at the exchange.

Believe me, I would love to pay less each month, I really would, but I have yet to find an ISP that will guarantee to give me everything that Zen offers at a cheaper rate, I can't find one. I have looked many times over this past few months, but to be honest, I'm a little afraid of moving from them as their service is up to such a high standard.

  shizzy 21:13 07 Sep 2005

I spent weeks deciding who to join and it was through reading what Djohn and others on here said about Zen I chose them, one thing that was said was, they are there without you knowing and no fancy software to install. They are there when you do want them as well if you have a problem.

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