Zavvi sale

  iqs 18:20 26 Dec 2008

Thought I would mention the only bargain I could find today in the so called Boxing day sales.

It was the PC version of Mass Effect for £4.99


What bargains did you find,if there were any...

  oh 21:26 26 Dec 2008

not looked for a bargain,but the kids got zavvi gift cards and couldnt use them.No good?

  iqs 21:32 26 Dec 2008

When I was there,many people were complaining about the gift cards being refused,a lot of disappointed kids this Christmas

  oh 21:50 26 Dec 2008

yep,got a no.0845025903179 to ring passed from the kids,dont know where ill get but will post back.

  The Brigadier 12:43 28 Dec 2008

Local shop has some bargains, but none that i wanted to buy:-(

  dagnammit 14:48 28 Dec 2008

I managed to buy The Simpsons (ps2) for £6.99.

Zavvi is the prime example of why I don't like gift cards.

  BryanR 17:02 29 Dec 2008

Any news on a refund (or otherwise) for Zavvi vouchers? A relative of mine received one, and it seems appalling that these are not redeemable. Zavvi, after all, received the cash for these prior to going 'under'.

  Monoux 17:35 29 Dec 2008

My local Store has a notice saying to look on the website for details about vouchers

  oresome 19:59 29 Dec 2008

I didn't go out Boxing Day, but I was in York yesterday (Sunday). Notable for how quiet it was considering the sales were on.

I did see a DAB mains table top radio in Currys Digital for around £16 which seemed cheap. It was a Fergusen. I didn't want it, but read user reviews on it at home and it seemed to suffer from mains hum.

So much so that one user couldn't get to sleep for it and had to turn it off, so it was of little use as an alarm clock!

  curofone 21:21 29 Dec 2008

"Q: I have a zavvi Gift Card / Gift Voucher, can I redeem it?

Following the failure of EUK on 27 November 2008, zavvi’s Directors lodged all monies received in respect of zavvi Gift Card / Gift Voucher sales direct by zavvi stores in a trust account. In addition, zavvi ceased selling Gift Cards in stores on 4 December 2008.

It is hoped that all customers who have purchased zavvi Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers from zavvi stores from 27 November 2008 will receive a full refund in respect of these amounts.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers to be redeemed in stores. All customers with unredeemed zavvi Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers acquired (from any retailer) since 27 November 2008 should write to the Joint Administrators at the following address, quoting their Gift Card / Gift Voucher number(s), enclosing the original Gift Card / Gift Voucher(s) and quoting their full name and address for return correspondence:

zavvi Vouchers
c/o The Joint Administrators zavvi Group
Ernst & Young LLP
100 Barbirolli SquareManchester
M2 3EY
email: [email protected]

We recommend that customers keep a copy of their Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers for their records.

Regrettably it will not be possible to refund Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers acquired prior to 27 November 2008.

All customers with unredeemed Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers acquired prior to 27 November 2008 should write to the Joint Administrators at the above address, asking for their claim to be registered as an unsecured claim in the Administrations.

Please note, due to the large volumes of Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers that are currently outstanding it is not possible to discuss individual customer queries in person at this stage."

  Stuartli 00:00 30 Dec 2008

Interestingly, in view of recent events, I noticed in Liverpool's exceptionally busy city centre today that Zavvi, Adams and USC shops were all packed with customers.

Zavvi had notices stating that gift vouchers were, basically, a no-no; no refunds would be given if goods were returned and that such goods would only be exchanged on a like for like basis.

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