Yoyotech,my first computer?

  pb1970 11:58 27 Mar 2010

I'm looking to buy my first pc and i have a budget of 700 to spend.It will be used for listening to music,watching films,internet browsing,keeping in contact with friends & family and playing games such as Football Manager,Empire Total War,not interested in games such as Warcraft and playing online, i already have a PS3.
I've seen a computer by a company called Yoyotech,its a Yoyotech warbird i650,any advice please,thanks click here

  birdface 14:55 27 Mar 2010

An old thread.

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  birdface 14:56 27 Mar 2010

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Not very good reviews from this either.

  citadel 09:43 28 Mar 2010

the warbird has good reviews in the pc mags i have read. the cpu is pre overclocked to 4g so you get great perfomance.

  961 10:32 28 Mar 2010

I don't see the point of buying an overclocked computer unless you want mega speed with the latest games. It doesn't do anything for long life and reliability

If you want a fast speed, but a fast processor to start with

For the budget you can buy Dell or similar

  john810 03:35 29 Mar 2010

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  citadel 10:57 29 Mar 2010

cpu can run overclocked for years, cpu lifespan may be reduced but you will have upgraded long before then.

  yellowbird 11:07 29 Mar 2010

pb1970 there are so many companies to choose from when looking for a computer. I have never bought from Yoyotech but they do seem to have some bad reviews. That said, the majority of companies you look into will have some bad reviews aswell. Unhappy customers are always to first to voice their opinions. I would personally recommend Cube247, there are plenty of system within your budget to choose from. I have used this company for a while now, and have always been impressed with the service they provide. What i would say is if you decide on the specification you want shop around and get some quotes. I know that Mesh and Cube will build a system to you specification so it is worth getting the best deal.

  herrflick 17:58 29 Mar 2010

Hey PB,

You seem to be looking for a PC similar to what I was after just before xmas.

Thread...click here

I eventually went for this one...click here

(It's even cheaper now, grrrrr!)

I have been very pleased with my purchase and would heartily back up what was previously recommended to me ... get a big, widescreen monitor!

Right now I'm playing FM10 (3 countries, 10 leagues, medium database and a plethora of installed graphics. Thanks to the big monitor I can play FM10 in windowed mode, watch dvd's and surf the web all on one screen. It's fab!

All the best

  herrflick 18:01 29 Mar 2010

Sry, this is the PC I went for...click here


  pb1970 12:14 30 Mar 2010

Thanks for the advice.My biggest problem is that i have a tendency to look at reviews and that is what made me think of buying from Yoyotech,i have no idea what overclocking is?.Intially i was going to buy from Dell but a few comments put me off from buying,i've had a look at Novatech,Cube and Arbico and it still seems like i'm back at square one,thanks again.

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