yoyotech supplier???

  Razier 11:23 20 Jan 2006

has anyone bought something from yoyotech???


  Horacegump 13:19 15 Feb 2006

I bought a computer from them. But the way they do business is very stubborn. They don't know how to make the customer happy. Anyway, I had an unhappy experience with them.

  the old man 20:56 15 Feb 2006

pcformat recommend them in their computer upgrade section. run lots of their adverts.

  colinreeves 14:00 20 Feb 2006

I bought an expensive Asus graphics card from them - it failed after a couple of hours. They refused to replace it (or give me a refund) but instead insisted it had to be returned to the manufacturer (taking anything up to 28 days).

Very poor service.


  groupboard 17:57 11 May 2006

I ordered a worldwide (120/240V) power supply from yoyotech in February to replace a 240V supply in one of my servers, as I was moving to Canada in March. It took them a few weeks to order it, and when it arrived they had sent the 240-only UK power supply (exactly the same one as was in the server already!) I phoned and emailed, but got no response. The person in the web dept kept giving excuses about why they hadn't got back to me. I eventually talked to someone in the main sales dept and he told me how to return the item. After some initial reluctance, he eventually agreed with his manager that they would pay my postage costs to return the item.

I returned the item and got a refund, but they didn't refund my return postage costs. I phoned, and the guy in the web dept gave some ridiculous excuse about waiting for the "courier manager" to send me the refund. It is now nearly June, and they still haven't refunded the postage (which doesn't surprise me). I just looked at their website, and they are still listing the worldwide model of the power supply instead of the UK one.

Overall their customer support is terrible - they never reply to emails, they try to get out of fulfilling their responsibilities, and they make up excuses. Their website ordering system has various bugs, and they don't bother fixing incorrect listings when you tell them about them. Don't buy from them!

David Jameson
Direct, Group Technologies Inc / groupboard.com

  paddington79 13:35 07 Nov 2006

I've decided never to buy anything from these guys, despite living in London.

Added an item to my basket to see if I could pay online and select store pickup (like you can with Scan or Novatech) and was emailed an order confirmation and invoice despite cancelling my order at the confirmation stage, and never entering any payment details.

Went along to the shop on Windmill St instead and the guy tried to charge me the £6 postage as a 'purchase fee'! When I pointed out that the item would be quite heavy to post and I was saving him money by coming into the store to collect it he just shrugged his shoulders. Therefore, I shall be taking my custom elsewhere.

  blairj70 19:15 02 Nov 2007

I have just concluded a long protracted negotiation with YoyoTech, eventually resulting in my demanding a refund for a full system. After reading a very good review in a magazine, I decided to buy a new system. It turned up a day late, and was utterly faulty, never able to stay on for 10 minutes without blue-screening (apparently it had been fully tested - I cant see how). I discovered that a number of drivers had not been installed. Sadly installing them did nothing to sort a basically dodgy machine. So I decided to return it.

I eventually got a reply and was initially told the problem could be sorted over the phone - this was total nonsense, and eventually the machine went back.

On to the replacement - to cut a long story short it never materialised, and after a couple of further wasted weeks, and numerous broken promises, a further build was agreed. Sadly this never came off either, and after even more failed promises over another couple of weeks, I eventually lost patience (it should be pointed out I am a very patient person, and gave them numerous opportunities to redeem themselves)and asked for a refund.

I feel like they did not really care what happened to the customer, which is a very short-sighted view in any business, especially for a smallish company, who should be relying on word of mouth. The company as a whole seem utterly shambolic - never returning phone calls or emails, and ultimately supplying nothing but high blood pressure and disappointment. Avoid this rabble at all costs - spend a bit more money on a more reputable company and save yourself the wasted time and annoyance.

I'm actually now not even sure if I can face another similar situation and may not bother getting a new machine - this is how much I have been hacked off by the situation.


  mikeben121 22:44 02 Nov 2007

I've used them often for buying bits, from the shop, never had any problem. They are always helpful, give free advice. A lot of customers are regular like me.

When I ordered online I had to cancel which they were happy to do with no charges.

Good range of stuff if you visit them which most places don't have.

Never bought a system nor would I . I have a policy of self build replacing what needs replacing and keeping the rest.

  blairj70 10:13 03 Nov 2007

That's great, I'm glad someone is getting a good service out of them. It's all very well if you live near their shop but given that I live in Scotland, I have to rely on etailers like Yoyotech. I dont have the luxury of being able to see them at their 'best', which according to mikeben121 seems to be in the shop. It certainly isn't online or over the phone, where avoidance is the name of the game.

It now seems they are dragging their heels regarding the refund ("The person you need to speak to is dealing with a customer" yada, yada, yada, just a variation on the avoidance I had to deal with when trying to get a system out of them, after waiting A MONTH). Avoid avoid avoid.

  GBoy 11:16 06 Feb 2008

Been reading this, its 2 years! am sure they have improved, been to there shop lots of cool gadgets there, buying more parts this weekend from there, all i have had is cool service!!!!

  rickf 12:30 06 Feb 2008

Not great service. Walked into their shop in the west end and could not get any service at all. Parhaps it has improved their online service I would wait to see if this is really the case.Personally, I would buy from them but its a personal opinion. You have to make your own decision in the end.

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