Youtube Videos @ 2160p6o 4k resolution.

  [DELETED] 18:45 26 Dec 2018

It's been around for a while but finding more videos available at this resolution today. Just for some interest can any of you play such videos at that resolution? I've a modest 6th gen i5, 4 core and goes up to 3 GHz and it struggles to run them, all cores running at 100%. 8 Gig ram and running a 500GB SSD? It's the CPU that's the bottleneck.

A link to a video that has been uploaded with this option if you wish to try it out. Would be very interesting to me if your CPU can handle it - thanks.

YT Link

  [DELETED] 21:25 28 Dec 2018

No replies yet. Hmm if you run the YT vid remember to upgrade the resolution via settings within the video to 2160p60 4k . I was hoping john bunian would try it out on his new Dell. If you're looking JB please have a go.

  Aitchbee 21:32 28 Dec 2018

No replies yet.

What do expect, not everyone on here have your specs.

  Aitchbee 21:33 28 Dec 2018

missed out you

  [DELETED] 21:35 28 Dec 2018

No replies yet.

What do expect, not everyone on here have your specs.

But my specs can't handle it... that's why I'm asking. Some people have much higher specs and was just wondering.. not a crime is it?

  Aitchbee 21:41 28 Dec 2018

rdave13, no it is not a crime but why can't you be happy with what you've got. Why push the boudaries?

  [DELETED] 21:52 28 Dec 2018

Aitchbee your question baffles me and I mean no disrespect whatsoever. Windows, Youtube, Hardware,Software and OSs including Linux is my passion and hobby and always has been. Talk to me about software and a search engine will suffice. Otherwise it's changing as much as I can do with hardware in laptops at the moment. Unfortunately that hobby is getting harder by my age. Sight, hands feelings etc.

Once I stop 'pushing the boundaries' with Tech then I may as well curl up and die.

  [DELETED] 21:55 28 Dec 2018

Aitchbee thanks for the question anyway. It's certainly 'bucked' me up a bit. Thanks friend.

  john bunyan 22:24 28 Dec 2018


I will have a look when I have time, but I only have the “normal” 13” screen, not the touch one. I thought that at up to about 42” , it is difficult to see the improvement in this resolution. I will check tomorrow if I can

  john bunyan 22:28 28 Dec 2018

My screen is 13.3” at 1920 x 1080 so not much use.

  john bunyan 22:54 28 Dec 2018

PPS On an iPhone at the mo so will see if I have time on laptop tomorrow. Desktop is good but monitor is not 4K

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