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  PC Advisor. 15:09 07 Jan 2004

Hi folks,

I'm looking for case studies for an upcoming feature I'm doing on the latest wave of pay for broadband content services to arrive.

Are there any NTL Broadband Plus customers out there - it's currently free for all 600kbps and 1Mbps customers? Has anyone subscribed to Channel 4's offering? Are there any Skyscape customers out there?

Do any of you AOL Broadband customers actually use the exclusive Big Brother/Rugby World cup content? Do any of you subscribe to Real Networks £12 per month music video service?



Guy (Online Ed)

  Sheila-214876 15:36 07 Jan 2004

I am on NTL Broadband at 600kbs but I have not been offered this "Plus" What is it?

  accord 19:19 07 Jan 2004

NTL BB plus is free for the first 3 months then its 3.99 per month i think.

I have registered and found it sort of useful. However, some of the links do not work. I shall post back when ive had more time to explore whats on offer

ennuye: click here for more info

  Stuartli 09:55 08 Jan 2004

Tiscali has a music club if this is of interest:

click here

  PC Advisor. 10:16 08 Jan 2004

Thanks ennuye, accord and Stuartli.

Any more for any more?


Guy (Online Ed)

  Mysticnas 11:12 08 Jan 2004

600K and have been for a long time, 2yrs, but no-one has written or email me about it! :o(

Free? It says 3 months free and no obligation to subscribe, does this mean that they won't automatically bill your account after 3 months?

What happens after my free access?
We will send an email to the address you entered during registration when your free access is due to end.

We’ll also remind you that your free acess is coming to an end when you visit the Broadband Plus site during the last 14 days of your access.

You can subscribe to Broadband Plus during the last 14 days of your free access quickly and easily by choosing to add the £3.99 monthly subscription fee to your ntl:home bill."

I take it this means they won't charge you after 3 months and that it is upto you to add it to your bill if you want it and if you don't it'll just finish?

  Mysticnas 11:13 08 Jan 2004

"At the end of any free trial period, if you wish to continue receiving Broadband Plus, you will need to complete an online subscription form and you will be charged at the then current retail price of ntl:home Broadband Plus. You will not be eligible to apply for any other free trial or Broadband Plus offer for a minimum of 6 months from the end of any previous free trial period."

  PC Advisor. 11:18 08 Jan 2004

Mysticnas, NTL has categorically assured us that you have to specifically state your willingness to continue using the Broadband Plus service. It was the first question I asked them.

Try it out - I'd be very interested to know what you think.


Guy (Online Ed)

  Mysticnas 11:18 08 Jan 2004

just signed up.

  Mysticnas 11:34 08 Jan 2004

Logged in, and navigated to music section, and chose to view a no doubt video, it's taking a while for page to come up... about 1.30mins.

Page is now loaded ,and video playing in a 1/4 format, with options to inscrease size to 200% and full screen. At 100% the video is clear, is not a tad small, the sound seeing as it's streamed, isn't too bad; with the higher frequencies lacking in quality.

Not too different too click here for music videos.

PCA i could do heuristic evaluation if you liked!!! :oP

  SEASHANTY 11:36 08 Jan 2004

NTL 600k BB now for 15 months. Was aware of the NTL PLUS offer but have no intention of signing up. The £25 monthly I pay now for BB access is quite enough. I am not willing to pay more and if this price of £25 is increased I will go down to the 150k access.
ALSO I can not vote in the PCA poll on where is your PC located. I have two computers networked. One upstairs and one in the living room - hence I want to click TWO spots - the system will not let me do this. Hence no vote.

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