Is your PC sending spam behind your back?

  TOPCAT® 15:47 04 Dec 2003

Missed this from yesterday, but it brings home the need to be equipped to combat it. click here

I respectfully suggest you get those firewalls up and running, and maybe consider disconnecting from your broadband service when not needed. TC.

  961 16:50 04 Dec 2003

click here will show you how to disable the bits of Windows XP that allow this to happen and then test your system to ensure it can't happen

  TOPCAT® 20:17 04 Dec 2003

Not using XP yet but thanks for the very useful link. TC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:27 04 Dec 2003

They would have to send the emails through an open port....I do not see how a firewall could block an open port. Reuters = quiet news day.


  obbit 21:43 04 Dec 2003

thats a very good site. been there and my pc passed all tests. i've also taken the security advice.

thanks 961 brill

  canard 22:17 04 Dec 2003

If the firewall is set at ask for connecting up IE and OE you'd know if this was happening- or would you?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:10 05 Dec 2003

No, it would be sent when you were connected to the net and would not try to connect on its own. As information is sent to the net all the time, when connected, you would never know what was happening.


  Feck 10:48 05 Dec 2003

I presume that you do not work for Reuters !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:52 05 Dec 2003



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