Your opinions please - Which Laser Printer-1 of 3

  GibsonSt19 12:21 06 Feb 2004


Price is not an issue (under £100!), therefore which of these printers would you recommend?

1. Samsung ML-1210 600x600dpi 12ppm USB/Parallel Laser Printer - (click here for details) - £65.99

2. Canon LBP1210 12ppm Parallel and USB Laser Printer - (click here for details) - £68.99


3. Samsung ML-1440 Laser Printer 14 Ppm USB Connection - (click here for details) - £91.99.

What do you think people?!

Also, if you know of any others you can highly recommend(about the same price), please do share!

Thanks lots!

  bfoc 12:45 06 Feb 2004

A Samsung ML1210 and have been very impressed with:

1 Quality
2 Speed
3 Toner lasting (I have 'Toner Save' switched on nearly all the time)

I have had no real problems and even paper jams, which haven't been frequent, are caused by creased paper rather than the printer. It does take a short while to heat up, but that is pretty common with lasers!

  Dipso 13:00 06 Feb 2004

click here

click here

Also, I notice you have quoted exc VAT, don't know if you have to pay VAT but Comet seem to be selling it fro £69.95 inc VAT plus £4.95 del.

click here

  Edstow 13:02 06 Feb 2004

I bought eight ML1210 machines for my studio about eighteen months ago. They are used as general purpose office printers and they work extremely hard. I have never had a problem with any of them. They are cheap to run, reasonably quick and give good print quality.

My one adverse comment (which applies to all laser printers) is that they smell a bit when doing long runs.


  Sir Radfordin 13:04 06 Feb 2004

Either of the Samsungs will be great - haven't heard a bad word said about these basic models.

Even PCW sell them at a good price!

  Edstow 13:05 06 Feb 2004

I've just noticed the first click here from Dipso refers to an earlier post which I contributed to. Sorry for repeating myself but it shows how goo the are - that post was made very nearly a year ago and the same printers are still going strong.

  Edstow 13:06 06 Feb 2004

How goo they are???????????????????

Should read good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  GibsonSt19 14:19 06 Feb 2004

Thanks for this, very helpful.

  Stuartli 17:56 07 Feb 2004

Re your Canon link, there's also:

click here

details of which came today.

Mind you, I'm one of those who wouldn't have anything to do with them, although others disagree...:-)

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