You can't rely on a TomTom

  wee eddie 13:10 26 May 2010

Today they have provided a faulty Software Update.

That should not be a problem, as one should be able to contact them via their Web Site, or a Telephone and sort out a solution.

No such luck. They have not put any plan into place to handle such a possibility.

Their Telephone System is unable to handle the flow of questions and directs us to the Web Site which is locking us out as it is overloaded.

I shall roll back to the previous version which will, I hope, still work. Otherwise I'm back to a Map, Paper and a Pencil. Not something I am happy to do as I pay over £40.00 each year for their Service.

  wee eddie 14:10 26 May 2010

to their Helpline.

Apparently the Netherlands is still catching up from their Bank Holliday over the weekend.

According to the Operator, only 4 other people have had this problem.

A discussion with 'The Horse Marines' comes to mind.

  wee eddie 14:33 26 May 2010

When you have loaded the New Software it opens automatically unless you un-tick the box.

Of course the only reason that you have downloaded the Software is that you have connected your TomTom to update the Cameras. ~~~~~~~~ So you accept and nothing happens until a Box Opens telling you that a file won't load.

What should have happened is that there should have been an instruction to Re-boot the PC before you try to Open the new Software.

So simple!

  wee eddie 03:14 28 May 2010

over such an apparently trivial matter.

As a Taxi Driver I have a love/hate relationship with my TomTom. I cannot do without it and when delivering folk in towns and villages, frequently up to 50 miles away from Ayr which is my base Town, I am totally reliant on it.

A couple of months back, in Irvine, about half an hour up the Coast, I had a group of youths in the back who became progressively more unruly as the journey wore on.

When I reached Irvine they were actually fighting. So I used the TomTom to give me directions to the nearest, and only, Police Station. It gave me the correct address of the Station, but unfortunately, it's Mapping Partners had got the naming of the streets, in that locality, wrong so when I drew up at what was supposed to be the Police Station, according to the TomTom, I realised that I was in the wrong place, actually a Residential Area. No Station to be seen anywhere around.

I managed to make contact with one of the local Prowl Cars and they took the boys off me and secured my £45.00 fare.

I reported this error to TomTom and they did not appear to care a fig, having made no alterations to their maps as yet. I have reported a number of other errors in the last 2 years including a ghost Carriageway Exit and Flyover, which do not exist. That particular road was opened over 8 years ago.

The Hardware is spot on. It's the software that's crap, but if you buy one you are obliged to take the other and pay £40.00 per year for updates to boot.

  Woolwell 12:15 28 May 2010

I wish TomTom would remove speed cameras that were installed temporarily for road works. There are some on the A38 which went over 6 months ago.

I have also found a few map errors but mostly wrong turn instructions (eg cannot turn right at that junction) or wrongly annotated one streets. I recently went to a destination and when I tried to find a route home it told me that there wasn't one. The mapping indicated a one way street into the destination (a dead end) and no way out.

I use OVI Maps on my mobile and recently in London I was trying to find a museum. It took me to a block of mews several streets away from the correct destination.

As always common sense has to be employed. Your situation was difficult. I have found that map corrections do generally work.

  wee eddie 14:04 28 May 2010

I agree that if you try to do something simple, such as changing a Street Name, it is simple.

However One of our Estates, completed in the late 70's had only a single street name. I have named over a dozen streets but am flummoxed where roads are physically missing or there are roads that do not exist.

Their Map Makers are either, bone idle, or incompetent. About a third of the Village of Mossblown is incorrectly labelled. The town of Stevenston has roads leaving it's By-Pass that don't exist, and never did. The By-Pass was completed just after the Millennium. The centre of Irvine has a considerable number of it's Streets muddled up, and the town of Troon shows a road across a Century old Golf Course.

These are the ones I know about. Most I have reported, when time allows, but apart from the updating of Road Names, I can find no other alterations that have been made.

How they have the nerve to call themselves Cartographers I don't know.

  Woolwell 14:28 28 May 2010

Which map version are you on. I have v845.2645 and it doesn't show a road across the golf course at Troon nor roads that don't exist on the bypass at Stevenston. I have compared with Google Maps/Earth as I don't personally know that area.

  Housten 16:12 28 May 2010

wee eddie

I live in Basingstoke and recently my wife and I were attending a family celebration in Fyvie, near Aberdeen. As we were flying from Heathrow I needed to park my car, and found a very good - and cheap - place to do do so. I have a sat nav and used the directions given on their confirmatory email to me ( see below ). This I found interesting at the time and more so in the light of your comments!! Luckily I have a Garmin!!!


For clarification only the Royal Mail can create postcodes, and SL3 0NS is the correct postcode for our compound.

However a few sat nav systems (particularly tomtom) direct people to a location 7 miles away.

We must stress, despite repeated efforts, we can not rectify this. If you use your sat nav system, please make sure you are heading for Colnbrook / Poyle (Heathrow Terminal 5 is 1 mile away from our compound) and we are 300 metres on the opposite side from Arora Park Hotel - SL3 0PH.

We suggest you use the directions below, which are correct."

  anchor 14:09 30 May 2010

Enter the address of your destination in the site below to determine its GPS position. Then enter the details into your TomTom. It works!.

click here

  AlanHo 08:16 31 May 2010


Using the post code you quoted - my Garmin Nuvi would take me to bath Road, Coln Industrial Estate

  wee eddie 09:48 31 May 2010

and possibly Villages.

Out in the Countryside they're a complete waste of time and can sometimes be anything up to 2 miles adrift and, not necessarily, even on the same road.

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