Yet another PayPal complaint

  edennorman 14:42 17 Apr 2005

I wish that someone with the clout of say PC Advisor would take PayPal to task.

I recently moved to France from the UK and closed my UK paypal account...I later needed information from the account log, and for TWO MONTHS sent emails back and forth to PayPal asking for the log to be emailed to me....first they said it couldnt be done,then it could be done but only by phone, then it could be done by email, then they had no record of my enquiry, then I recieved pre prepared replys which had nothing to do with my original request.

Finally because of PayPals inefficiency and indolence I ended up recieving two negative feedbacks on eBay, and as a seller that matters.

Most recently, I made a purchase on a web site, asked to pay by PayPal, and was directed to what I took to be the PayPal web site, it turned out to be a fake and I was duped out of £400.00.

I contacted PayPal and told them about it and they said my comments had been noted and that indeed the web site I had been reffered to was a fake Paypal web site.

I have since written four emails to PayPal asking them what steps they have taken, and what success's they have had in closing down these fraudulent sites.

As I pointed out to them, If a site were set up which impersonated Microsoft or a major bank they would be closed down very quickly and the people behind the sites prosecuted.

Every reply I have had from PayPal to date has been a pre prepared letter which addressed none of my questions.

I feel as any individual would feel when faced with a large company that apparently does not give a rats arse for the individuals who help keep their company afloat.

In closing I have to say that I would be the first one to say, if you do not like a compnays product...ditch the company. But if you are a seller on eBay then ditching PayPal would be akin to cutting off one of your arms, Paypal is the major method that buyers adopt when paying.

Please PC Advisor, you or someone like you take PayPal to task over the quality of their service.


Richard Norman
Le Pignoux

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:59 17 Apr 2005

It is not PayPal's fault that you went to a fake site and these sites are closed down fairly quickly but they are up and running in no time at all. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are safe on the web not a nanny company's responsibility. There are quite a few free tools that prevent redirection or alert you to it. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you use these. You will have learned a valuable lesson.


  pj123 15:17 17 Apr 2005

Don't use Paypal. If you don't accept cheques then I don't buy from you.

  edennorman 15:39 17 Apr 2005

I accept that it was noy paypals fault directly, that I was led to a fake paypal website, but I do believe that paypal has a burden of responsibility themselves to enure that these sites are dealt with.

Gandalf, you seem to be suffering from the same illness as PayPal insofar as you missed my point, I am complaining about PayPals seeming inability to address the questions I pose to them.

What I was looking for was a reply which stated that yes..action was being taken to close these sites down, and here is evidence of it...not a series of pre prepared letters which outlined measures to be taken when approaching supposed paypal sites.

My complaint stands.

Richard Norman

  g0slp 16:10 17 Apr 2005

I only pay by PayPal when buying on eBay, or from companies which I know to be genuine. I won't pay over a certain figure this way either - if I'm buying something expensive it's either a cheque or phone call with card details.

When selling, I won't use Paypal on principle; their rates are very high. (Obviously as a buyer I don't pay their commission). I won't buy from sellers who put a surcharge on payments to cover the PayPal charges either. That's SUPPOSED to be against eBay's rules, but there are still many traders who do this.

  Forum Editor 16:54 17 Apr 2005

I can understand your annoyance, but perhaps it's you who is missing the point somewhat.

Fake PayPal sites aren't exactly as rare as hens' teeth, and most people are accustomed to hearing about them. PayPal probably have an influx of many thousands of emails a day - they're among the world's largest online payment processors. Lots of people probably wrote to them about the particular site that caught you out, and few of those people will receive an individual response. I'm not sure what it is you expect from them - they've done nothing wrong remember - but in your position I think I would put it down to experience and move on. I imagine you must have a few more important things in your life than worrying about a lack of response over something that's in the past. You certainly don't have the right to demand evidence of action from PayPal. It was - as you readily admit - your own fault that you paid over money via a fake website.

Closing a rogue site is far from easy - you may be in France, PayPal may be in America, and the site may be on a server in Estonia. Try sorting out the legalities of that little situation and you'll see what I mean.

As for taking the company to task, what would be be taking them to task for - failing to answer an email? We would be taking every online company on the planet to task in that case.

My advice - for what it's worth - is to allow your anger to subside and get on with your life.

  bemuzed 19:14 17 Apr 2005

I can understand your frustration but you seem to have been duped by criminals. Whilst you may want the satisfaction of hearing about the offending site being closed down paypal are not under any oblifgation to keep you informed of progress. They are a comerical company not the police.

  Wilham 22:55 17 Apr 2005

edennorman: Can understand your anger at being duped, but you are too harsh on PayPal. Once you have finally closed your sole a/c with any bank it ought not to be easy to resurrect details unless you are Inland Revenue or have a court order. How else can privacy be fully protected?

Like g0slp I prefer to use PayPal,... because within seconds it confirms payment has been made, and also tells the seller with my postal address. It's the quickest transaction.

Paypal takes the money from my 'cash back' credit card, and I check it on my bank's secure web page. Effectively I get a/c interest for a week or two on money gone.

I wouldn't use PayPal outside eBay.

  watchful 07:15 18 Apr 2005

I sympathize with your frustration as I feel the point you are making is that these big companies hardly ever address your personal problem and just send out standard letters. That is the annoying part. I've had this with helplines and ebay themselves. Each time a reply comes back from a different person and you have to begin at the beginning. 'Left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing' springs to mind.
What is worse is that as these companies get bigger and bigger, as stated above, they become more and more unmanageable thereby rendering helplines in general virtually useless.
It is very annoying but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. I fear that efficiency has been replaced by non-accountable machinery.
Regarding Paypal. It is faster but as an ebay seller myself I don't use it for reasons mentioned above.
There are so many spoof emails purporting to come from ebay these days that I just don't trust it. I also avoid buying from anyone using Paypal.
The 'powers that be' are going to have to clean up their act if they expect each of us to do all our business online or people will just vote with their feet.....or should that be finger!

  Saali Chuud 21:50 19 Apr 2005

I have been using Paypal for over 2 months now.

I know I have won a bid, I click/get ready to pay and am referred to Paypal and I pay. Never remotedly has it cross my mind that the paypal site I am completing transaction in could be a fake one.. How do I detect or know ???, Everything on e-bay looks so effortless, you choose, you bid, you open an account with ebay, you loose, you win and you pay and leave feedback, now where does this fake paypal site come from and how will I get directed to them and end up loosing my hard earned money...OK ..all you in the know, please educate me cause I am afraid and won't bid/buy or pay via paypal on ebay

  watchful 22:04 19 Apr 2005

Visit ebay's safety centre.
I think it's fairly safe if you're already trading and have had no problems.
The main point to remember is that whatever e-mails you receive that look as if they come from ebay and they are asking for personal details - do NOT fill them in or reply to them because ebay NEVER ask for such information via e-mail.
Forward them to [email protected].

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