Yet another Mesh v. Evesham!

  Southernboy 14:35 13 Feb 2005

I hope to buy a new PC the week after next. My preference as far as a good deal is concerned, is for Mesh.

From what I can gather, both build fairly good machines and both can supply a faulty PC on occasions. I do not find it easy to decide from website images, the size and appearance of tower units and, of course, how noisy they are. What I would like to do is to actually inspect a few machines but, unfortunately, Mesh have only one showroom, whereas Evesham have quite a few.

Given the reported hassle (and expense) in contacting Mesh Customer Services, is one better off with Evesham? On the other hand, it would seem that Evesham do have their off days. As someone who is very much a novice, I find computer talk confusing, and I have awful memories of attempting to get a Viglen PC fixed many years ago, and having technicians getting very stroppy with me because I didn't understand what they were saying. And that was in the days when support was more easily available.

I would like never to have to contact Customer Services (wouldn't we all) but one must allow ffor the eventuality that one might have to. So, what do I do and how patient are the Mesh and Evesham support lines with the not-very-computer literate?

  puma22 15:53 13 Feb 2005

I bought a new mesh mid Novemeber. It did not work out of the box. 2 graphics cards and 1 motherboard later it still doesnt work. It has been out of action more often that usable. It is currently boxed up awaiting collection from Mesh. I asked for my money back 4 days after recivng it - still no refund to date and a lot of inconvineince casued. am thinking that I may have to reort to small claims court to get a refund. However, make your own mind up!!!

  gum 17:38 13 Feb 2005

I recently bought a evesham computer.After about two days everything went wrong.I phoned to tell them i had a problem,they said you could have your money back or a new computer.I went for a new computer and to my surprise it had the same problems as the last one.I rang them again to tell them the bad news.A home visit was arranged buy them to check the fault.A very nice engineer came out and said i had major problems with my motherboard and he had checked the computer i had sent back and it to had the same problems.They rang me the next day to see what i wanted to do,this time i had a refund.customer service was fantastic but the computer was rubbish.i now have a dell and is very pleased soo far.good luck

  wags 17:58 13 Feb 2005

Both are good companies and produce decent PCs at a reasonable price. Mesh seem to have the edge where price is concerned. As you have seen from the above posts, both companies produce the odd duff machine, but for every dodgy one there will of course be many more which never have a problem.

I have 2 Mesh machines and on the occassion that I needed support (failed DVD ROM) it was dealt with efficiently with an onsite visit and swapped for a new one. But unfortunately it seems from this forum that many people have not enjoyed the same level of after sales service (and that also goes for Evesham).

At the end of the day, choose the spec you want at the price you are most happy with and order accordingly. The chances are that you will be a happy punter whether you choose Mesh or Evesham. Oh, and make sure you pay by credit card.

  Davidac 20:28 13 Feb 2005

It really shouldn't have to be a lottery !
I am looking into buying a new PC soon and have obviously considered Mesh & Evesham ,but am put off by all the adverse comments in the various forums.
Why are we willing to put up with disgraceful after sales service in this country?
Can anyone out there recommend a reliable PC maker with good aftersales.
Whisper computers look good , anyone any experience of them?

  Bleep 20:40 13 Feb 2005

If you type in google any company,hotel,holiday resort, car manufacturer, fridge company infact anything you will find a band of irate customers who are hell bent on letting everyone know of how bad their experience was mate.

As fully understandable as it is imagine if 10% of the happy Mesh and Evesham customers went to forums and expressed their delight? it would soon all be in perspective but as we know the motivation for such things is rarely present when things go as they should only when a sense of injustice is present.

If I were you i'd go with Mesh, I have a Mesh as well as a self build PC and am over the moon with it, from price,specs and build quality and experience of after sales support I cant recommend them enough.

  DongQuyCao 22:14 13 Feb 2005

Any customer who pays for a PC is entitled to a fully functional product. If not, they should have it rectified within a reasonable period of time or offered a refund, the choice being down to the customer. After all, as soon as the money is paid the customer has fulfilled 100% of his/her obligation and the company should do so likewise. It is very unfair that a size-able minority of people have to suffer the stress and inconvenience of poor, and sometimes arrogant, customer service.

I don't think it is right that just because a company who supplies say, 99% fault free PCs can justify giving poor customer service to the other 1% of customers.

It is a fact that we hear more from people who have had bad experience, whether genuine or not, but people should not be made to think they are morally bound to praise a company. If they've paid their money then that's it, isn't it? They have honoured their side of the contract. But if a customer has to endure some of experiences documented on these forums, the majority of cases which I think are entirely genuine, then that is very unacceptable. OK, some of the language is out of line (to some degree) but so are the companies who have not been very forthcoming in their attempt to provide satisfactory solutions to problems they are responsible for.

  Bleep 23:03 13 Feb 2005

Quite right, but we have to be realistic and keep a sence of perspective.

  rogertjj 09:34 14 Feb 2005

Just to give my experience. I purchased a Mesh about 2 years ago, and the machine had worked perfectly up to about 2 months ago, when one of the fans started to make a horrible noise.

I contacted Mesh support via their web site, and had a response within 2 days. They said that they would arrange for an engineer to contact me to organise the replacement of the fan, which he did 2 days later.

That week, the engineer came round, replaced the fan, and everything is now fine. I have never had cause to contact the Mesh Support by phone, so can't comment on the cost /effectiveness, but my experience has been first rate, and I would have no hesitation in using them again, and in fact, have already recommended them to 2 other family members, both of them are extremely happy with their machines.

  freaky 10:21 14 Feb 2005

I have a Mesh which I got in December, and so far have not had any problems with it. A friend of mine bought an Evesham about a year ago and he had no problems either.

It is a bit of a lottery, the chances of you getting problems (not of your own doing) are very remote, but it can happen 'sod's law'.

If you are very concerned about all this, then buy from say PcWorld, you can at least take it back to the store for them to repair.

My previous PC was made to order by a local computer specialist, he used all good brand name parts. It kept crashing at random for no apparent reason.

It took about a month to put right, turned out there was a fault on the MOB, plus an intermittent fault with the installed Ram.


  Southernboy 12:11 14 Feb 2005

My PC finally packed up yesterday - I should explain that I don't have a internet connection on my PC, I use my son's PC for this Forum and the occasional search for information - but, fortunately, all my work is backed up to 750 Zip Discs. As my son does not have a Zip drive, all my work is currently inaccessible, so I need to make a purchase ASAP.

My existing PC is a Mesh which I bought in 1998, so well over 6 years service, with few problems, inclines me towards Mesh. However, in those days, you simply phoned Mesh and left your number, and they phoned back, so they were easy to contact with no heavy phone bills. Nowadays, it is a premium rate number (don't be fooled by the term National Rate - it costs more than double than a call to say, London or Birmingham) and , of course, you can be kept waiting for a reply. Evesham are also an 0870 number, but I understand they are quicker to reply. It occurs to me that, if the majority of computers work out of the box, they must have fewer enquiries, to why so long to answer the phone?

The fact is that, according to this Forum, Mesh get many more adverse postings than Evesham, but it is not clear if that is because fewer Evesham computers go wrong, or because they fix those that do, much more quickly.

By the way, my son's PC is an Evesham which is about 15 months old, and the second hard drive is starting to cause problems, so I will be interested to hear how he gets on. However, I don't think I can wait very long as I need to get a working PC very quickly.

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