Yet another IPOD NANO problem

  [DELETED] 23:27 09 Mar 2006

The other day I had problems installing my daughter's new IPOD NANO and with help from some wonderful people in this forum I got the deed done.

Now I have a new problem........

My daughter plugged it into a friend’s PC yesterday and now it doesn’t recognize this PC as it’s ‘home’ PC. After some research I found out that when you plug it into someone else’s PC and you don’t choose ‘manual’ then it takes on that PC as its ‘home’.

I could not however find a way to tell her friend’s PC to give up ownership. I know I can tell this PC to make it it’s ‘home’ PC again but this would then wipe all songs from her IPOD and load all the songs from her iTunes. This is okay except she would then lose all the songs she got from the other PC.

In summary, how do I tell her friend’s PC to give up ownership? She wants to keep the songs she got from her friend's PC and load more from this PC.

In case anyone is having problems installing their IPOD NANO and is interested in seeing my original thread please click here click here

  [DELETED] 14:43 10 Mar 2006

The iPod is linked to both machines (in effect it will take the 'home' to be whichever it is plugged in to at that time).

The only way round this is to set both machines to 'manual updates' as otherwise, as you mention, whenever you plug the iPod in to the 'other' PC it will wipe the iPod and reload the songs held on iTunes.

This is to stop people 'sharing' songs they do not own.

  [DELETED] 15:29 10 Mar 2006

Next do I set my Itunes to 'Manual Update'??? Does this mean that if I set my iTunes to 'Manual' that I will be able to add songs to her IPOD without erasing the existing ones?

  [DELETED] 23:38 10 Mar 2006

Thanks again Kdoki. It still acts a bit weird....telling me that another user on my machine is using I logged everyone else off...took out NANO and started again. This time I was able to tell it to let me do it manually and all is well (for now). Seems to me that if someone didn't have much PC savvy they would have a hard time with this. I don't think my daughter would have figured out that she needed a different IsScript engine to install it in the first place.

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