Yet another eBay fraud

  AdeJ 19:22 25 Jul 2003

Twice in four weeks - how many times do you have to bang your head against the wall before you realise it just hurts!!

I posted on this topic four weeks ago having been stung out of £450. Listening to everyone's advice on checking out the seller's feedback (this one had 190 positive, zero negative) and completing the transaction through eBay - and I've just kissed goodbye to another £450 as the seller mysteriously disappears off the planet.

I'm not saying all transactions on eBay will be this unlikely - most presumably aren't - but the fraud's seem to be particularly high on top of the range processors - and a good feedback history doesn't mean they're genuine.

The lesson for me here is that I simply won't buy processors via this route - and I'll be changing my credit card for one that gives me a chequebook so that I can still be covered for those "personal cheque"-only auctions...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 25 Jul 2003

A processor for £450?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:04 25 Jul 2003

Twice in 4 weeks?


If you are buying anything over and amount that you would prefer not to "loose" use Escrow. If the seller does not offer this facility then you have a good enough reason to steer clear.

I am really sorry to hear of you problems, but as G says, £450 for a CPU and twice in four weeks?

  AdeJ 20:44 25 Jul 2003

No - TWO processors (XP 3200).

And the second seller had 190 unique positive feedbacks..

..And yeah I was dumb!

  Rayuk 20:49 25 Jul 2003

Saw that auction thought it was a bit iffy at the price.

  Stuartli 00:23 26 Jul 2003

Where's there's money there's always a fiddle - there are some toerags who just can't resist the lure or the opportunity.

  Newuser1241 11:36 26 Jul 2003

I know it's not the best solution but recently bought xbox for my kids would only bid for items where I could reasonably travel to and hand over cash.

allways thought that it is a bit risky large amounts of money with sent to individuals rather than a business

  Coaster3 19:44 26 Jul 2003

I hope you posted negative feedback to this crook so as to let others on eBay know.

  AdeJ 11:11 27 Jul 2003

As of this morning there are now 34 negative feedbacks and rising by the hour. We've all been in touch with each other, so far the fraud looks to be in the region of £39K.

The major annoyance is forty eight hours on and eBay haven't bothered responding to any of our fraud warnings or even blocking the trader - presumably the police will be a bit more active...

  JURGYSGIRL 12:01 27 Jul 2003

Hi there. Before you send off a personal credit card cheque, please get it in writing from the Bank concerned that you wil be covered if something goes wrong. My bank told me that writing credit card cheques gives me NO SPECIAL rights if something went wrong !! They are no different to writing a cheque of your own. I really hope you get your money back.I have been an Ebay user for 12 months now and have been lucky so far to deal with honest and reputable traders. However your story will make me be extra cautious in future. SUE

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