michelleuk 13:08 03 Nov 2005

Hi :)

About to buy a laptop - Acer 1401LMi - it has the new AMD Turien 64 chip. It comes with XP64, Microsoft's new 64 bit operating system, or so I'm told. However, I've heard that late next year, Microsoft are bring out another 64 bit operating system called Vista. What will be the difference between XP64 and Vista - does anyone know? Or will they do pretty much the same thing.

Are there many 64 bit applications on the market at the moment to support AMDs' Turien? I guess the current crop of 32 bit programmes will work just as well on the Turien?

ALL SO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Diodorus Siculus 13:59 03 Nov 2005

My advice would be for you to stick with 32bit windows XP.

  sharkfin 14:15 03 Nov 2005

XP64 works and looks exactly the same as normal 32bit windows xp we are using right now. Its just tuned to work on 64bit platforms.

Windows Vista is the next totally new operating system that is designed to surpass XP. So its basically a totally different OS.

As vista is not due out for a long time yet, I would recommend you stick with 64Bit XP to go with your 64bit processor. As this is whats available.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:20 03 Nov 2005

Unless you are bonkers into gaming you will notice no difference and even if you are a ganeoid qucker physical reactions will be mor eimportant. If you need the computer now get it now.


  ade.h 22:13 03 Nov 2005

Judging by what I've seen of Vista's minimum requirements, and adjusting them upwards to account for Microsoft's traditional understatement of such things, I wouldn't bother waiting for Vista if you're buying a notebook.

  Belatucadrus 23:26 03 Nov 2005

Another problem with XP64 bit is that many manufacturers aren't exactly falling over themselves in the rush to produce suitable hardware drivers. Isn't going to be an issue with the laptop, but could make the peripherals problematic.

  phoenix198 21:32 04 Nov 2005

As Belactucadrus rightly points out, 64-bit drivers shouldn't be a problem for the basic laptop.

But be wary, 64-bit driver support for any peripherals (printer, scanner, etc) is currently VERY thin on the ground. I've been evaluating XP 64-bit for a couple of months now, and I've only found a small range of printers from HP, Epson and Canon that have 64-bit drivers, some Umax scanners and that's about it. 32-it drivers ("normal" XP drivers) simply do not work with XP 64-bit.

  Forum Editor 00:20 05 Nov 2005

and go for the current 64bit version of WindowsXP. I very much doubt that you'll notice any difference between the 64bit and 32 bit versions, but you may as well go 64 bit. As we're talking about a laptop there won't be any issues with drivers for hardware upgrades because you won't be doing any.

And finally.....Yes, all your 32bit software applications will work perfectly well on a 64 bit machine and in a 64bit operating system.

  Forum Editor 00:22 05 Nov 2005

that the others are right about peripherals. If you're going to print or scan from your laptop you'll need to hunt for suitable 64 bit drivers.

  phoenix198 23:32 05 Nov 2005

Hate to quibble, but 32-bit anti-virus packages will not work on Windows XP 64-Bit, and neither will the majority of disk management (defragmentation, etc) tools. Nor will some system utility and tweaking type tools; I haven't tried Norton Utilities 2005, but TuneUp Utilities 2004/2006 is a no-go, as is System Mechanic 5.

There are a limited number of anti-virus packages (Avast and Nod 32 to name two) that work and there ia a 64-bit version of O&O defrag although I haven't tried it.

That said, nearly all the 'productivity' type software (Office 2003, MS Money, Photoshop Elements) that I have tried are fine, as are a lot of games, at least, the ones that have 32-bit installers. Older games with 16-bit installers will not install - Windows XP 64-bit has no backward compatibility for 16-bit applications.

A good source for info on XP 64-bit compatibility is the NT Compatible website at click here

  phoenix198 23:34 05 Nov 2005

Incidentally FE, when are you going to change your system to GMT from BST? :-)

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