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  PC Advisor. 11:11 11 Aug 2004

Hi folks,

With the availability of SP2 fast approaching, we're increasingly interested in what you - our readers - plan to do.

Are you going to install it right away?

Are you in any way hesitant about installation and if so what are your reservations?

I know we ran a similar thread a few weeks ago, but in the light of stories such as this one click here we thought we'd gauge the current thinking of our readers.


  Al94 11:27 11 Aug 2004

Hesitant - yes but decided to go for it, installed on all three PC's in our house by downloading full SP and putting on CD. So far all seems fine with no apparent issues.

  Phate 12:06 11 Aug 2004

As always with service packs of this magnitude, there will inevitably be some hesitancy amongst the general public in installing anything that may adversely affect the performance of their computer.

All in all, the service pack is a major enhancement to all aspects of the OS and I for one think that it should be downloaded as soon as it is released. There are so many variations in computer software and hardware that it is virtually impossible to predetermine whether anything will go wrong. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

  slim 65 12:50 11 Aug 2004

Downloaded and installed SP2 today. Everything works fine and up to now no problems or concerns. All drivers ,security progs including Adaware SE and Spybot are running ok. It may be my imagination but the PC seems to be running quicker!
It recognised my av & firewall .I turned off windows firewall and opted to run my own. ( eTrust LE freebie as supplied with SP1 update disc ).


  Urotsukidoji 12:57 11 Aug 2004

the one thing I DO like about SP2 is the wireless networking wizard!

woo HOO!

no more trying to decpher ip/mac addresses, and dhcp/dns bits and bobs, click click click, done

or so i hope.....

  Sugar Junkie 13:16 11 Aug 2004

Given the problems I had with the last Windows update I installed which was only a relatively small one I will certainly be hanging back and waiting for it to have been tested by others. Being on dial-up and considering its huge size I won’t be downloading it anyway. I will have to get it on CD if I do decide to install it.

  hugh-265156 14:06 11 Aug 2004

i decided to install the rc2 beta version of sp2 (out of curiosity) nothing to lose as i had a good back up and i used it for a few months. i had envisaged lots of problems with it prior to installing but the install went without a hitch and everything still worked afterwards. as above the first thing i did was to disable the windows firewall and security centre, likewise the automatic updates were also disabled as i prefer to use my own protection and update manually.

for new users though this is all good until they get into the swing of things. the pop up blocker is much better than my expectations and its nice to see it included. i know there is so much more to sp2 than this going on behind the scenes and I'm still finding new things like 'data execution prevention' for example but like most people I'm not really interested in too much techno babble so long as my computer still functions afterwards, continues to be easy to use and any security fixes included help to keep myself and others (that maybe have not updated) just a bit 'safer'

i had no hesitation what so ever then in deciding to install sp2 final and was not surprised to find that removing the beta version and installing the final version went smoothly. maybe I'm lucky but updates and services packs never seem to give me any problems (should`nt have said that :-))

  Yokel 14:54 11 Aug 2004

I don't think that IBM's situation is relevant to home users and I will slap SP2 on as soon as I get a disc, though that also means I will not actually be an early adopter.

Given the widespread criticism of Windows security it seems odd to me that some do not intend updating. I'd go as far as to say that it is irresponsible not to do your best to ensure that you are not contributing to the nasties being passed around out there.

I appreciate that others do their best by not running Windows, but there are many advantages to the de facto standardisation of being in the mainstream so I will make use of Microsoft's belated work in tightening things up. I was also impressed by the amount of preparation done and information made available by Microsoft should one have been inclined to look.

  Stuartli 15:29 11 Aug 2004

Might be worth starting a whole new forum rather than a thread...:-)

Only joking - I think.

  Stuartli 15:35 11 Aug 2004

Might be worth starting a whole new forum rather than a thread...:-)

Only joking - I think.

  Stuartli 16:13 11 Aug 2004

Might be worth starting a whole new forum rather than a thread...:-)

Only joking - I think.

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