XP SP2 pop-up blocker

  Miss Happy 00:04 29 Apr 2005

Does anyone know if there is a way of completely disabling the XP SP2 pop-up blocker and making it perminent?
It blocks everything even on the desktop when off line.
Please excuse spillings!
I would choose panic-ware pop-up stopper 9/10, XP */10

  Miss Happy 00:07 29 Apr 2005

Sorry, forgot I had left Helproom and now viewing consumer watch, please can you move it if you read it, Ed?

  Teaboy 17:09 29 Apr 2005

If you are using IE6 click on tools-pop-up blocker-click turn off pop-up blocker!

  Miss Happy 00:56 30 Apr 2005

You did not read my post properly, the XP pop-up stopper was up and stopping BEFORE I went online. It stopped or seemed to - thats what the XP pop-up said, a pop-up whilst opening the eTrust antivirus to launch it for the first time - off line. It said 'did you notice the icon flash (or something similar) in the task bar - no I didnt because at the time I was being deafened by the audio noise that went with the warning.
I know how to disbla the pop-up stopper in IE thanks!

  Teaboy 19:24 01 May 2005

Miss Happy-oops Sorry! I was only trying to help! I was not being facetious.

  gudgulf 20:02 01 May 2005

The SP2 popup blocker only works with IE click here
The only controls for it are the ones in Tools in IE itself or Internet Options in the Security Centre/Control Panel.

Are you sure that Internet Explorer was not/did not open when you launched the etrust av? You do not have to be online to open IE.

  Miss Happy 20:32 01 May 2005

The eTrust probably would have tried to open in IE to register it -just that I never saw it because thepop-up was stopped. I never had a chance to disable 'cus it blocked it before I could get to the IE it had obviously tried to flash up in.
Thanks for your help both of you.

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