XP SP2, Plusnet antivirus etc, Mozilla Thunderbird

  Roy* 21:46 21 Nov 2004

I Just got round to replacing a 7 year old home PC with a nice new one from Mesh, due for delivery early December. Although using up to date kit at work I wanted to ask some nice and simple questions to you experts.

1)Reading through PC Advisor Helpline I can see people are having problems with installing Windows XP SP2. This is obviously a question for Mesh but I’d expect the new PC will have these patches already installed right?

2)I’ve also registered with Plus.net Broadband (currently use Tesco Dial up) based on Which online report and a bit of phoning around etc. I spoke to Plus.net and asked about virus and spam protection. They told me they had the protection at the server and that I didn’t actually need anything on my home PC although he said a lot of people do and any of the ones on the market don’t conflict. So what should I do, rely on the server protection or install one on the PC??

3)For email we’re all used to Outlook Express at home and work but I read that Mozilla Thunderbird is a safer email tool, any comments?


  mbp 23:14 21 Nov 2004

I know nothing about Plus.net so I cannot comment. However, if it would give you peace of mind why not install a few of the free programs for your own protection and satisfaction. I am not sure about conflicts of programs and I know that you should not have 2 AV or 2 Firewalls on your computer working at the same time, but if your ISP is screened,at their end, that is a different matter. You actually should switch one or the other of the programs on your computer off to prevent conflicts, if you have a 3rd party FW, then turn off you Windows FW.

Freebies: Zone Alarm (firewall), ALWIL Avast Antivirus4 (AV freeware). Then there are layered protection such as Adaware, Spybot S&D, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, Win Patrol,and you can go on and on.

Thunderbird is a good option, so is Firefox.

  TomJerry 23:28 21 Nov 2004

speed and reliability is good so far over 1 year use.

Do not hear anything about security in their server. It may stop some virus, but not any spyware and spam.

On PCs, I have Zonealarm for firewall and Mcafee for virus detetcion.

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