Dellman 09:36 14 Sep 2004

I have just ordered a PC from MESH. Athlon 64 +3000 operating with XP Home Edition. I have read of late in here of conflict problems between SP2 and A64 chip PCs.
Are these problems just affecting MESH PCs?
Can anyone explain to me what SP2 is/does?
I take it that MESH PCs are not shipped with this version of XP installed?
Sorry for the questions, but should I be worried if I elect not to take SP2 update?
Or should I consider getting a P4 chip machine instead?


  MESH Support 09:44 14 Sep 2004

Not all of our Athlon 64 customers are having this problem and given the number of systems we supply you are more likely to not have a problem.

We are currently in the process of testing a new build of our recovery system with SP2 in place. If this passes without problem, then we will be shipping systems with SP2 pre-installed very soon.


Mesh Support

  Dellman 10:37 14 Sep 2004

Many thanks Davey!

My PC is due to be shipped on 23SEP04........how does that feature in your plans to install SP2. Am I likely to be included?

  speedy12 15:24 14 Sep 2004

Likewise Davey..

Mine is due to be shipped on the 20th of this month.

Your advert in PCA magazine states "All MESH standard PCs now ship with Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2"

I am some-what confused, where do i stand? Does SP2 still come with this older build of your recovery disk? Or do i not get SP2 at all?

p.s. would you be able to send us the newer version of the recovery disk after we receive the machine at no cost?

  Danoh 06:19 15 Sep 2004

Great news! Looking forward to your response(s).

  MESH Support 09:30 16 Sep 2004

Thanks to the help of Microsoft we have identified the files causing the problem. It appears not even they expected a problem there.

For all new customers, systems are going out with SP2 pre-installed and functioning correctly. The only exception to this will be where an issue is found during the production cycle. To prevent delay during what is now becoming the busy period leading up to Christmas, we will ship the system with SP1. This may mean a short period where the system has SP1 installed before the issue is resolved.

For existing customers we are now able to resolve this issue through support from our technical support department. Any who wish me to arrange a call from an engineer can email me at [email protected] remembering to include their serial/order number along with their screen-names. If there are any other details such as specific numbers or times of day for the call, they should include this as well.


Mesh Support

  speedy12 13:04 16 Sep 2004

Thank you for your reply.

I take it our systems are going to come with SP1 installed.

I would want to have SP2 on my system. I would install it myself, but since you say there are files causing bootup problems on 64bit machines, i will not be doing this.

******Therefore, Will we be receiving a recovery disk with SP2 installed at a later date?******

(I think this is only fair since you advertised all systems will be supplied with SP2 pre-installed).

Look forward to your reply.

  Dellman 13:33 16 Sep 2004

Er.........My understanding is:

1. MESH will dispatch all machines with SP2 after testing each PC
2. Any PC with a problem will be shipped with SP1

However, unclear as to if you are shipped with SP1 when/how will you receive SP2.

Perhaps Davey can clarify, please?

Meanwhile the Sales team has confirmed that all PCs are being shipped with SP2.

  MESH Support 14:13 16 Sep 2004

Sorry, I don't think I was as clear as I could have been.

The Athlon 64 + SP2 issue that has been reported here has been resolved. If a Mesh customer has an Athlon 64 system and has problems with SP2 it is going to be one of the many other issues that exist, most of which have a resolution courtesy of Microsoft and their OEM partners (and to a large extent you end-users).

If you wish I can check the system for you prior to despatch but in all honesty I will not know myself until the system is on the engineer's bench almost ready to go.

The likelihood is that if your system is one of the range we advertise and you have made no changes to the specification, you have nothing to worry about.

If you want me to check, please email me your serial/order along with screen name to [email protected] (if you have not already done so).


Mesh Support

  It's Me 15:15 16 Sep 2004

This looks like the answer then. Another Email to Davey, but I had better await the promised arrival of my apparently missing Windows CD first. (Different thread)

  speedy12 16:06 16 Sep 2004

...looks like this amd 64 and sp2 problem is more widespread than i though. Seems like its mesh's own configuration that is causing problems.

take a look at this link (grim reading)...

click here

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