XP PRO and XP HOME..whats the difference?

  bigboab y 12:03 20 Nov 2003

What are the MAIN differences between PRO and HOME ?... is the cd-burner only in PRO for example and is the difference in price worth it?

  Bucksboy 12:54 20 Nov 2003

Main difference appears to be that you do not have to register XP Pro, ity can therefore be used on several PC's. The XP Home version has to be registered and can only be used on one PC.

  johnnyrocker 13:23 20 Nov 2003

my new machine came with xp pro pre installed and the first thing i had to do on boot up was register it, pro has a lot more tools/functionality over home


  Stuartli 15:33 20 Nov 2003

XP Pro is business orientated, has extensive networking facilities built-in and, on top of XP Home, also offers superior security and privacy features, advanced recovery options, plus the aforementioned additional ability to connect to large networks.

I have XP Pro - compared to Win95, 98 and 98SE which I've used (suffered!) in the past, it is incredibly stable, simple to learn and has vastly increased my enjoyment of time spent with my computer.

  Stuartli 15:36 20 Nov 2003

Just found this, which explains the differences between the four versions of XP:

click here

  alcudia 16:12 20 Nov 2003

XP Pro has to be activated, just as home does. for a home computer, pro is usually unnecessary.

  alcudia 16:14 20 Nov 2003

If you did not need to activate your copy of XP Pro, this is because it is not uncommon for some Vendors to do this on your behalf before shipping. Personally I wish they would not.

  Steven135 16:33 20 Nov 2003

I have used both, in day to day operations I have not noticed any difference though as the above posts indicate there are some that business users find valuable.

  Stuartli 09:47 21 Nov 2003

I pointed out that, on top of XP Home's abilities, XP Pro adds features of particular benefit to businesses, along with excellent networking ability.....:-)

That's why it's call Pro i.e. short for Professional.

In normal use, therefore, you won't notice any difference compared to XP Home.

  -Beb- 12:00 21 Nov 2003

If you use the corporate version of windows xp pro then you dont have to register it :) this is common with all volume licensed microsoft programs

  Xevious 12:26 21 Nov 2003

"can therefore be used on several PC's"

you don't want MS to hear you saying that... have you heard about piracy???

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