XP Pro for $49.95 ???

  Newuser38 22:12 03 Nov 2004

XP Pro is available for download for $49.95 does anybody have information on the site in question click here. I realise it will be a big download but presumably via broadband not too much of a problem. Comments would be welcome on legality etc.

  terryr48 22:37 03 Nov 2004

Probably be worth calling microsoft to check out where you stand regarding the legalality about this, do you get a key with this so you can activate the software? It all seems too cheap to me, but I am ever the cynic ;-)

  kp 23:44 03 Nov 2004

I have checked out this site and I would be very suspicious. Firstly, the site hyperlinks are not configured correctly and many do not work. This suggests an unprofessional site. Additionally, the grammar is poor which suggests that the site is managed by someone very distant and whom you are unlikely to be able to apply any legal pressure should you have any difficulties with your purchases. Secondly, the credit card and other information is not transmitted securely which is very worrying. Thirdly, and most importantly , the prices are way below normal retail prices which would make me very wary. I would not go there if I were you!


  €dstowe 06:47 04 Nov 2004

Presumably you got this information via email.

Treat it in the same way you should treat all other spam - with contempt - and bin it.

These too good to be true offers are exactly that.

  Newuser38 08:44 04 Nov 2004

It did not come via e-mail, that would have gone in the bin. I checked on prices on Google and it is advertised there. It is a US site and I noted the possible constraints identified by KP.

I will contact my Microsoft contacts now its daytime again.

Thanks for the comments.

  spuds 10:49 04 Nov 2004

These special offer Microsoft and other well known products from overseas always make me very suspect. I get then nearly every day, and in the past I have tried various contacts and google searches, which have mostly lead to unanswered questions. Best to leave alone, and purchase a cd with licence from somewhere like ebuyer etc. At least you will then know it is 100%.

  €dstowe 11:16 04 Nov 2004

I this were to be genuine, they would be so overwhelmed with order that they wouldn't need to advertise and you wouldn't get a look in either.

  terryr48 17:45 04 Nov 2004

Newuser38- It would be interesting if you can let us know what response you got from microsoft

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:16 04 Nov 2004

Just had a look for myself. I very much doubt any of the software advertised on that site is officially available as a download through third party vendors.

  961 18:48 04 Nov 2004

you really don't need me to tell you the rest, do you?

There was a very long thread about this some time ago which eventually came to the conclusion that you needed to be very careful with the credit card you use to pay for this sort of offer because the bargain may come back to haunt you six months later

  bremner 19:23 04 Nov 2004

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