Xmas prices?

  Mysticnas 13:02 16 Dec 2003


just a quickey i hope this will be...

In the general trend of things, after xmas prices usually drop (xmas/nYr sales).

Is this trend also true for computer components? AGP cards and RAM in particular.

Thanks all!

  johnnyrocker 13:03 16 Dec 2003

i believe that to be the case.


  Mysticnas 13:04 16 Dec 2003

thanks mate...

I'll leave the thread open for a about a day or two.

  Sir Radfordin 13:17 16 Dec 2003

Christmas is one factor that will effect prices, but there are so many others that come into play as well. You could wait forever for tomorrows lower price to come along!

  Mysticnas 13:27 16 Dec 2003

yes i understand that.

I was just wondering, tho, i was going to order something today, if not today then definately within the 1st 3 weeks of new year.

just i thought i wouldn't like it too much if what i bought today might take a massive drop in price in the coming weeks. i know with the component market it usually depends on whether new hardware is being released leading to the reduction in cost of older hardware.

regarding the AGP card... i was going to buy either FX 5950 or ATi 9800XT but does the rise in 50mhz of ram and gpu frequency really justify a price hike of around £100 and even £200 pounds in some cases? just so you can squeeze in 2 more frames per second?

i'm selling my GF4 Ti4600; for details click here and click here
for reviews. i have the My ViVo version.

i purchased less than 12 months ago, all software, games, cables and extras will go with.

Looking to get around £150 for it, considering i've seen GF4 Ti4200 for around £130new. This IS a fair price isn't it? don't ya think?

  Mysticnas 15:46 16 Dec 2003


  Aspman 16:30 16 Dec 2003

I'm waiting on Digi camera prices just to drop a little more. I have noticed a drop in the last couple of weeks though. Kodak 3 Megapixel cameras on Amazon for about £150. 2Mpix cameras are creeping under £100 now as well. 3M with optical zoom is looking very tempting now.

  Stuartli 16:39 16 Dec 2003

All computer systems, components and peripheral prices are dramatically lower all round then they were even six to nine months ago, coupled with superior specifications for the latest versions.

As pointed out, if you waited for prices to drop just that little bit more you would wait for ever and lose the pleasure of having used the product during that time.

You are probably thinking of the time in the mid-1990s when everyone rushed to buy a computer system for Christmas and, in mid-January, either the price came down or a faster Intel CPU was launched.

Remember, a really useful computer system has always cost around £1,000 from the late 1980s onwards and the same applies today.

But, in reality, the system itself is always far superior than the previous one and yet, despite inflation, in real terms the cost is lower.

  Stuartli 16:44 16 Dec 2003

Re the GF4 Ti4600, it is worth precisely what someone else is prepared to pay for it.

One method - favourite of private used car sellers - is to ask more than you expect and then accept the nearest offer to the figure you had in mind.

  Mysticnas 16:50 16 Dec 2003

i know all this ;o)

And i also know what i'm going to get, and when i'm going to get it, i've made up my mind to buy in late january. The RAM is decided i can get only one type so i won't be looking for the fastest newest RAM around. The AGP card is a different situation however....

I'm trying to justify whether a new card like the FX5950 or ATi 9800XT, which are both just a few overclocked versions of their predecessors, 9800pro and FX5900. Both cards cost around £100 to £200. Should i take the safe route and assume that there will be new worth while release in the coming months?

  carver 16:56 16 Dec 2003

The problem with computer hardware is that by the time you advertise it , it's already obsolete. I've just paid less than £100 for a Gforce FX 5600 with 256 MB memory and that supports 8xAGP and direct x9. So you might as well buy what you want then stop looking at the prices for six months.

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