Xbox next PC????????

  [dtcs] [email protected] 20:14 28 May 2004

Has anyone heard rumours of the Xbox next PC?

I've heard that they are going to release this a short while after the standard Xbox 2. The best news is that it's expexted to retail at $599. Considering this includes keyboard/mouse, a version of windows, CD/burner, DVD drive, remote control, hard drive, 3 64bit processors and probably 512mb -1 gig ram the money aint bad!

I just hope that it does come out, as to buy a similar spec pc would cost an arm and a leg more!
(also it should play Xbox, Xbox 2 and PC games)!

Danny (check at click here)

  ste_bla 20:58 28 May 2004

K so where did you get 3 64 bit processors and what hell hell is up with so many question marks dude...

Plus u r second guessing ram and remember comes with no monitor

Also 600USD : 330GBP

  [dtcs] [email protected] 22:05 28 May 2004

yea 3 processors was the figure released ages ago...but it is said to be likely to ship with these! Also in terms of ram....the figure was always 512mb but some sources said that if the PS3 went with 512mb, Microsoft would put in a gig.



  -Beb- 22:58 28 May 2004

Im finding it hard to believe that any home entertainment machine will want to ship with a triple processor config, so Im gonna nod my head reassuringly. Dude, it's never gonna happen (well not in the next 2 years at least anyway)

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