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I know, I know .... I speak of the evil X-Box. I do however own a PC, an Evesham to be exact, which is bloody ace !

Anyway, I have Broadband for my PC, which is squirreled away where the wife can't find me under the stairs.

My X-Box however lives in the front room. I only have one modem (or whatever the broadband version is called) which is linked to my PC. If I want to play X-Box onl ine with 'LIVE', do I need to buy another modem or do you think I can chop and change when neccesary. If I can't, any suggestions on where to purchase a new one ?

Ps _ im on BT broadband



  [DELETED] 22:55 08 Dec 2003

If you want to setup a wireless connection you would need a wireless broadband router & a wireless adapter for the xbox. Linksys have some products on ebuyer that look pretty good. If its wired you need a wired router. Most routers come with a network hub I think. Ive thought about the wireless option myself, but at the moment ill just stick to my long network cable.

  [DELETED] 00:34 09 Dec 2003

There are a few ways to hook up your xbox. Try these sites:

click here

click here

Personally, I have a 4 port router and have three PCs and my xbox hooked up to share the same broadband (cable) connection.

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