XBOX 360,three lights fault

  iqs 22:22 11 Dec 2008


I'm thinking about buying an XBOX 360,but have heard much about the 3 lights of death..

How common is this,and what causes it please.

Have you had this happen to yours..


  MCE2K5 22:52 11 Dec 2008
  keef66 11:02 12 Dec 2008

It's very common. It's thought to be due to overheating.

Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years because of this

We just had it happen to ours after 18 months. The RMA process is pretty fast, painless, and free of charge. We got a brand new console. (you keep the HDD with all your stuff on it)

Rumour is that MS are now using a better manufacturing process, but how you identify the newer consoles I don't know

  keef66 11:21 12 Dec 2008

now I've read the article MCE2K5 linked to, I'm off to see what generation of console we were given. Hoping for a Jasper!

  iqs 17:24 12 Dec 2008

Hi MCE2K5 and thank you for the interesting link,problems true,but it has not put me off buying an XBOX.

Hi keef66.That is my concern,when it go's wrong posting it back to Microsoft.Argos,that's where I will be buying it from offer an extended guarantee,I don' usually pay for an extended guarantee,but it they replace the unit instead of posting,its got to be worth it.


  MCE2K5 18:39 12 Dec 2008

I've had the Black Elite XBox 360 for nine months, No problems yet, Touch wood & whistle, Use it about 8 hours a week.

  iqs 19:30 12 Dec 2008

Touch wood,whistle,fingers crossed,throw a horse show over your shoulder,none of these should be required when buying an electrical product or any product.

Its nice to hear that yours has lasted so long.

  dfh 07:38 13 Dec 2008

We brought one in 2005 when they first came out, and since that time, we have had RROD twice.
All that was needed was a quick phone call to microsoft, who arrange everything, from it being picked up by UPS, shipping it the Germany and being returned to you repaired,all within a couple of weeks.
On each occasion the motherboard was replace and for compensation you get a 1 months gold live subsciption card.
When the warranty runs out and if the samething happens again, it wouldn't put us off buying another one.

  toon_mad 12:22 13 Dec 2008

"throw a horse show over your shoulder"

thats where i was going wrong, i was throwing donkies instead :D

  dagnammit 11:52 14 Dec 2008

"all within a couple of weeks."

In the unlikely event of a warranty issue Sony will replace your PS3 (swapout) within a couple of days!

  iqs 20:07 14 Dec 2008

Thanks again for your help

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