xbox 360 returns procedure

  jimmybond 14:11 25 Jul 2006

I have an Xbox360 which has now packed in (freezes constantly during gameplay). I bought the machine back in March, from an HMV store, which would be about 4 months ago.
Now - I know there's something about there being a 3 month warranty on the Xbox - what does this mean I cannot do, now that period has passed? I thought there was something about faults being present in first six months assumed to be there at purchase?
Also - do you know if I have to post the machine back to a Microsoft repair place? (assuming it's still under some sort of warranty).
Somehow, I think I'll get told "we don't do that, it's not our policy", if I take it back to HMV ;-)

  ade.h 16:23 25 Jul 2006

Microsoft can be ignored as far as your efforts are concerned. It is the retailer with which you should deal. If HMV gives you anything like that statement, its CEO ought to be told because it would be ignoring your legal rights.

  jimmybond 13:49 26 Jul 2006

well, you could knock me down with a feather, i am surprised.
HMV's response to the knackered Xbox was 'you need to contact microsoft'. Can anyone tell me what my rights are exactly, and where I could refer to these e.g. "it's section blah de blah of the consumer statutory rights....", so that I can avoind a conversation like 'no i don't need to contact Msoft, yes you do, no i don't my contract is with you, no it isn't and so on....

By the way, HMV did give me a leaflet with a MS contact number on it - guess what - it's unrecognised! Thanks for the info aswell ade.h - something tells me a letter to the CEO of HMV might go unreplied, though, methinks ;-)
we are the small people, after all!

  ade.h 14:28 26 Jul 2006

Rather than me going into the minutiae of retail law and maybe making some inaccuracies, have a look at click here or phone (the number's on the site somewhere) They can explain it better than me.

  jimmybond 14:35 26 Jul 2006

ok i'll have a look, thanks again. bloody Xbox, I only switched allegiances from Sony, cos my PS2 stopped reading discs, and my sisters' console had the same problem! ;-)
Those £300 graphics cards don't seem such a high price now....

  gobbo123 10:37 27 Jul 2006

If its any help I had to return my Xbox 360 for a repair only had it 5 months. I am gald to say from phoning the call centre it only took 4 days and their send me a brand new Xbox 360.

I was alos kept informed all the way along my email. So its not that bad!

  jimmybond 10:40 27 Jul 2006

Ta - what call centre number are you using? where did you need to send it to, for repair - did you have to pay for the postage and claim back?

  gobbo123 12:07 27 Jul 2006

The number I used was on the back of the instuction book its 0800-587-1102 thats for the U.K. Their send the post label to my email address or normal mail you print it out then ring DHL and their come and collect it free of charge however you do need a box to pack it in

Can not remember where it when exactly but some where in the uk.

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