xbox 360

  Bleep 09:56 13 May 2005
  Bleep 11:46 13 May 2005

" The Xbox 360 will have a custom-designed IBM processor that has three processing cores, each capable of handling two threads, or two separate applications. Six total threads provides a lot of processing power, but it adds to the software complexity, because you now have to manage resources between all the processes. Microsoft has a lot of experience with multithreaded applications, and the company is confident that developing on the processor won't be a problem. It might take developers a while to figure out the most efficient way to use all the threads, but the large number of threads will give programmers a lot of flexibility. The 165-million transistor chip will run at 3.2GHz, and it'll have a vacuum-sealed, water-cooled heat sink to handle heat dissipation.

"Microsoft will pair the IBM processor with an advanced 500MHz ATI graphics chip. The ATI chip will have "48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines." Today's PC desktop video cards max out at 16 pipelines, but the technologies aren't quite the same. The new ATI graphics chip will be based on a new unified shader model that processes vertex and pixels through the same multipurpose pipelines. Current PC video cards have pipelines dedicated to pixel processing or vertex processing. ATI's current top-of-the-line Radeon X850 XT PE graphics chip, for example, has 16-pixel pipelines and 6-vertex pipelines. We don't know how these new hybrid pipelines will perform compared to the older, dedicated pipeline designs, but with 48 of 'em, we're betting that the next-gen ATI chip will live up to expectations"

  abbott8 12:20 13 May 2005

wow, but will it still play current games?

  Bleep 13:09 13 May 2005

"wow, but will it still play current games?"

Why would you want it to? i'm mean how many people put Playstation 1 games and play them in their Playstation 2 ??? really come on things move on and you can keep you old xbox.

  Bleep 13:23 13 May 2005

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  VNAM75 13:42 13 May 2005

It all sounds very good and impressive. What I'm really interested in is how it compares with a top end PC set up, say FX55 with dual 6800 ultras. And it is rumoured that Playstation3 will have even more processing power! What about the next Gamecube? It is also said that the Xbox 360 has a Tera Flop of procesing power, which was actually supercomputing territory a few years ago.

I've done away with my Xbox and now have an AMD 3800 with 6600gt graphics but I still think that consoles are better for games, while many have to keep insisting that PCs are better.

  Bleep 13:52 13 May 2005

I guess the answer would be a PC with 'FX55 with dual 6800 ultras' would be a powerful machine but who has the moeny to but that ?

FX55 Chip = £550

2x 6800 Ultra's = £600 min

(Over £1000 with just the cpu and gpu's !!!)

XBOX 360 £350.

not really fair to compare the two however looking at the specs the 360 would easily hold its own with any gaming PC out today.

  Bleep 13:56 13 May 2005

Just to add before the gaming PC brigade arrive.

I have a AMD 64 3500 running @ 2.5ghz with a 6800 GT running @ 425/1.2ghz with 1BG Cosair XMS4400 512MB 2.5-4-4-8 and PC game as well...........

  Bleep 14:41 13 May 2005

"The combination of the CPU and GPU in the Xbox 360 already make it a more powerful gaming machine than any PC out today, but as always the balance between PC and console gaming is an ever-shifting struggle. What the Xbox 360 will do however is accelerate the development of multithreaded games, some of which will hopefully make their way to the PC as well. "

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