x1950 pro AGP 512mb

  Marko797 18:58 17 May 2008

Trying to buy one of these cards but they seem as rare as rocking horse droppings...anyone know where I can get a decently priced one please?

There's one in my local PCW but it's over-priced at £149.

Any help appreciated.

  dfh 19:36 17 May 2008

I was looking at graphics cards yesterday and remembered seeing this, although it does say used click here

  citadel 20:31 17 May 2008

maybe they have replaced it with the hd3850 agp.

  Armchair 21:34 17 May 2008

Yes, and this is a much better buy than any 1950..........

click here

No point paying any more than that (£95 delivered), and the 3850 is PROBABLY going to go down in history as the best AGP card ever made.

  GaT7 22:06 17 May 2008

What CPU do you have? No point putting a really powerful graphics card in a single-core CPU machine for example.

Moreover, you could probably get by with a suitable card off eBay for much less - a search click here. Save those pennies for a future PCI-E system ;-). G

  Marko797 22:17 17 May 2008

dfh, yes, have seen the 'used' card at Dabs but it only gives a short warranty (instead of normal 2 yrs) so have discounted it for that reason. I would rather pay the £149 & get the warranty to give me piece of mind.

Citadel/Armchair have looked at this, but was advised by others that 'possibly' owing to my old system (Win XP, AMD 3400+ 2gb RAM, 550 w PSU) that it might cause 'bottlenecking' problem. Not sure how valid that comment is however.

Maybe you could advise on the latter?

I'm looking for a quality grafs card which supports shader 3.0 so I can play the newer games. (That said, my old card has ran Crysis well enough, but this of course didn't demand shader 3.0).

I'd like to stick with AGP rather than start replacing mobo or complete system.

Can you advise?

  Marko797 22:34 17 May 2008

mighta been u who advised previously on the 'bottlenecking' (been chewing this over for a while), but regardless have put the specs on here. Lowly by todays standards I know (& yes maybe need to move to PCIe) but grateful for your input.

  Armchair 22:37 17 May 2008

Rollocks to bottlenecking! You'll still get better performance from the 3850 than any other AGP card. To give you an idea of it's superiority, here's the PCIe version verus the X1950 XTX (which is considerably better than the X1950 Pro):-

click here

Your PSU is more than adequate. Get the best one you can (ie A 3850), and then you can forget about swapping it again because there won't be anything better available, lol.

  Marko797 22:48 17 May 2008

don't get me wrong. I don't know anything about the 'bottlenecking' thing, so am not in a position to argue with any advice offered wrt techo stuff. I *assume* (rightly or wrongly) that it means that my single core processor can't/maybe can't handle the output from graphics card so might create stalling of sorts, which would defeat the objective really, as far as game play is concerned.

Can you be sure this 3850 card would be OK with my sgle core system?

  Armchair 22:57 17 May 2008

Your CPU will limit the maximum frames per second you can achieve in graphically demanding games, but the 3850 should provide a more consistent frame rate than the weaker X1950.


1) it's readily available to buy.

2) it's cheaper to buy.

3) It has DX10.1 support, against Dx9 for the X1950.

4) It has Blu Ray support, which may or may not be useful to you.

  Marko797 23:14 17 May 2008

Well, as the x1950 pro seems to be out of stock, and not due to be replenished, by suppliers (possibly due to it being discontinued), I may well take ur advice Armchair and go with the 3850.

The points u raise on cost & availability are valid.

My only concerns were in connection with my system specs. My current card is x800xt plat edition, so pretty well dated now.

Not sure that dx10 sp, and blu ray are immediate concerns however. Not too many games in need of dx10 to my knowledge.

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