Would you trust your pcs with this?

  Why wont it work 16:37 10 Jan 2008

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The above has caught my attention because it has come around to anti-virus renewal time and my router has just packed up. It's £35 a year to protect 5 pcs, which seems quite good. I'm just wondering if anyone would be prepared to use this instead of software security- I mean potentially being able to remove the security suites from some of my pcs would speed them up. Thanks

(Hehe, please no-one suggest free anti-virus, I've never had a virus get through Nod32 or ZoneAlarm, but have several times with Avast and AVG... )

  Totally-braindead 16:52 10 Jan 2008

"I've never had a virus get through Nod32 " well I have and I've seem AVG and AVAST and Norton fail as well. Do Zone Alarm do virus software as well?

That aside I'm happy with my AVG free. The box looks interesting but is it any good? I could bring something out and make all sorts of claims but thats not to say that it would be true. Are you certain that it doesn't use any resources on your PC and are you sure of the price.

I prefer things that I know work. If it proves itself then I would change my mind.

  Why wont it work 17:02 10 Jan 2008

I think anti-virus software is totally down to personal preference really- I just feel more comfortable paying for such things (well except for Norton hehe).

This is the thing, the device was only launched in December, I want to test it out - but let's say I'm a little scared too... as you say, at least I know my current software works. I spoke to one of their agents (at least their customer service was good) and they told me it was £35 a year, so I should think thats right. It's £80ish to buy in the first place- but that's quite similar to many routers these days. (Don't want to waste money on any of the draft-n rubbish yet, they seem to get dire reviews).

  Totally-braindead 22:37 10 Jan 2008

Unless you have a second PC you could try this on I for one would not be interested at all.
I see no point in paying for something I already get for free and even if I did I would prefer to pay for something that had been about for some time and was recognised as being rather good - such as Nod32 or perhaps Kaspersky which has been doing rather well in tests over the past year or so.

The item is interesting, don't get me wrong but, theres big holes in what they are claiming it will do. Is it truly safer than a standard PC using antivirus software? Does it really do what they say? Is the software as up to date as others?

Until you see some sort of reviews theres lots of questions and no answers. You cannot take their word for it you need independant proof that it is a good system, or at least a second PC you don't need that you could try it on, just in case things don't work out.

  Totally-braindead 22:41 10 Jan 2008

I have to point out that speaking to sales is not any sort of example as to whether an item is any good or not.
Speaking to sales is not what I refer to as Customer Service, Customer Service to me is what happens if you either can't get the item running or if something goes wrong and how quickly they resolve it.

Point of fact. I bought a DVD recorder and phoned their sales line and got an answer within 1 minute. I called their Customer Support and was on hold for over 2 hours. And then they cut me off.

  Why wont it work 00:36 11 Jan 2008

Yes, I think it is best to wait for a review or two. Zone Alarm's equivalent, the Z100G, doesn't seem to have done too bad (although far from perfect). I just wondered what people thought of it, I mean one would think that potentially dedicated hardware security could be better than software.

I am not a fool, Belkin have excellent customer service, but as far as I am concerned they make absolutely diabolical routers. I am on my fourth in 6 months - hence me having enough and wanting to get a new one. I would never judge a product upon a salesman's ability to sell.

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