Would you recommend a 'medion'?

  User-E7670A08-C432-4A6D-849128284E9457A9 16:40 07 Apr 2010


for the first time in about 8 years i'm finally looking to get rid of my old 'higrade' Pc and get a new one.
after much searching I've come across a 'medion akoya' from argos which matches my very tight budget of about £500

here are the specs;

•Intel dual core i3-530 processor.
•2.93GHz processor speed.
•1TB SATA hard drive.

•Multi format dual layer drive.

•Intel GMA HD graphics.
•1GB graphic memory.

•Multi card reader.
•8 USB ports.


•Windows 7 Premium operating system installed.
•Wired keyboard and mouse.

•22in screen size.
•Maximum resolution 1680 x 1050 pixels.
•300cd/m3 brightness.
•Contrast ratio 10.000:.
•16.7M colours.
•Anti-glare panel.
•Glossy Housing.
•0.28mm x 0.28mm pixel pitch.
•Horizontal 160 degrees, vertical 160 degrees viewing angles.
•Response time 5ms.
•Wall mounting.
•Weight (including monitor) 11kg.

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this, i decided, was excellent value for the money. i'm not a gamer so the graphics are fine and other specs are excellent, especially as it has 16 times more ram than my current pc!

but, after some reading some older reviews about the company, I am extremely concerned about build quality and reliabilty and need to put my mind at ease before i buy. i dont want it dying on me after a few months.

so if anyone could give any reviews, advice or first hand experiences i would be very gratefull indeed

thankyou for your time!

  Cymro. 17:42 07 Apr 2010

I have a Medion laptop, nothing like as powerful as the one you are interested in but I have had it for four years and no problems with it so far. I would have no hesitation in buying another Medion.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:20 07 Apr 2010

Typing this on a Medion and if I get another computer I will consider a Medion first.


  961 18:23 07 Apr 2010

They are a respected German manufacturer. If you search these threads you'll find the only downside is that if it needs repair it goes back to Germany as they don't seem to have a service centre in the UK

  Zurdo 19:04 07 Apr 2010

I'm also typing this on a Medion (now 7 years old)
Had to replace the graphics card and a dvd drive, otherwise fine. My wife has a newer Medion with no problems and there's an even older one sitting in a cupboard as a backup. Not the best machines for gaming etc. as you already know but overall pretty good. I have never had to send one back for repair so don't know how the move to Germany affects this.
The Aldi Medions have a 3 year warranty, not sure about Argos ones though.

  PalaeoBill 19:11 07 Apr 2010

My friend recently bought one from Aldi on special offer. I'm a Dell man through and through and I won't be changing my spots any time soon, but I am an old stick in the mud. I've had a good look at it for my friend and it seems to be a pretty decent PC; good build quality and decent components. Certainly good value for money.

I think GANDALF <|:-)>'s recommendation counts for a lot too.

  Zurdo 19:17 07 Apr 2010

You better get you skates on if you decide to buy. They're out of stock online and only one store near me has one and I mean one only. ;_(

thankyou everyone for your help, i hust wanted to be sure before i buy. and that needs to be soon, the higrade i'm using is terrible

  canarieslover 19:23 07 Apr 2010

Having recently had to experience Medion Customer Service there is no way that I could recommend them. I bought it originally because of good reports on this forum but when it went wrong I estimate that it covered at least 1500 miles being repaired. Medion Customer Services did not contact me at all and I had to keep ringing their premium rate number to find out what was happening and when was I likely to get it back. 38 days later it finally arrived back home but in my mind it had still not been properly repaired. One of the responders to another thread had apparantly waited 56 days for theirs to be returned so perhaps I must consider myself lucky that mine was so quick???? By the way I have since replaced the power supply unit with a better one and that has cured my problems.

  sunnystaines 08:23 08 Apr 2010

good spec for the money but seen many posts on forums re problems with graphics cards, this put me off recommending to a friend.

  rickf 12:10 08 Apr 2010


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